Your Dreams Have No Expiration Date

04 / 14 / 18

Andre Ingram has been making headlines recently with his remarkable story of hard work, dedication and persistence. Ingram spent 10 years grinding until he made his NBA debut at 32-years-old. His story of perseverance is awe-inspiring. It teaches us all that anything worth having requires dedication and desire from within. 

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

At times, our goals seem far away – especially when our biological clock is ticking.  Reaching your potential and your goal should have no age limit attached. Everyone is on their own path; not everyone’s journey is the same. Here are a few inspiring people who have achieved their dream jobs later in life. Never give up on your dream!

  1. Harrison Ford started acting full time at the age of 38.
  2. Stan Lee created his first successful comic at the age of 38.
  3. Samuel L. Jackson finally gained recognition as an actor at the age 43.
  4. J.K. Rowling was 32-years-old when the first Harry Potter novel made its debut.
  5. Harland (Colonel) Sanders began his journey of becoming the Kentucky Fried Chicken mogul we love and know in his 60s.
  6. Vera Wang didn’t start designing clothes until her 40s.
  7. Martha Stewart got her big break at 40-years-old.
  8. Sam Walton founded Walmart at the age of 44.
  9. Donald Fisher was 40-years-old with no retail experience when he opened his first Gap store.
  10. Alan Rickman got his break as an actor in his early 40s.

And the list goes on and on. To sum up this post, your dream has no time limit – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Keep working at your craft and your day will come.


Post by Nichoel Young