10 Amazing Movies to Watch With Your Kids

When it comes to movies for children, the parents have to be very careful with their selections since movies can have lasting impressions on your children’s minds. The selection should be carefully curated for the young ones with a whole lot of fun and learning as well.

Out there, Disney Pixar has made a whole lot of animated movies, especially for kids and families but there are other makers too who made it to their best.

List Of Best Movies Watch With Your Kids:

Here is a list of movies and sequel series which is sure to entertain parents and children and also making them learn about certain aspects of life-

1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2011) & it’s sequels series

Story of an orphan boy who lived in miserable situation gets to learn that he is a wizard and is taken to a school of magic and witchcraft for his studies where he gets to learn new lessons, make friends and embarks upon a journey of a lifetime with whole lot enemies and a supervillain ‘Lord Voldemort’. His journey is a magical realm sprinkled with a whole lot of fantasy, excitement, and lessons to learn as the author J.K Rowling gave her best & people of all age groups instantly captivated the story. Above all, the story teaches of Love and Friendship as the greatest magic ever which makes you win against all evils.

2. Home Alone(1990) & it’s sequels series

A boy wishes that he had no family and is left home alone mistakenly during the holiday season when all his family is on a vacation at a different place. The young boy in his big house is free to have junk food, watch inappropriate movies and have his own shots. However, two burglars have their sight set on robbing his place but the young boy gives those crooks a rough time with his gimmicks & booby traps to save his house from being robbed. A fun-filled, entertaining and a cast of colorful characters make this a true classic for kids and families to watch. It has 4 movies with the first 2 being widely acclaimed.

3. Despicable Me(2010) & sequel series

A supervillain named Gru is set to conquer the world as the greatest villain ever by shrinking and stealing the moon with the help of his tiny yellow minions but he has to compete against another villain in the same race who steals shrink gun before Gru. To get the gun back Gru adopts 3 little girls from an orphanage who sells cookies ending up getting emotionally attached to them. This animated movie is packed with a whole lot of fun, comedy, and entertainment which also made it top grossing animated film of its time. The film is released with 2 sequels and one prequel of Minions alone.

4. Finding Nemo(2003) & it’s Sequel

An animated film about a clownfish who is very protective of his son Nemo But Nemo is reluctant to it and he goes missing one day when a scuba diver captures him. His father decides to find him in the deep blue sea and embarks on this journey making a friend and taking help from other sea creatures in his way. Packed with so much comedy and entertainment it also gives a lesson to young ones that parents care for them for their safety.

5. How to Train Your Dragon(2010) & it’s sequel series

This animated series features dragon hunting clan and the child of their leader who misfits in the clan due to his lean-thin body but the boy aspires to be like his father and finds his way out by helping and befriending a dragon ending up learning about his fears. He uses the fears to defend and train dragons for saving his clan from enemies. The movie is a comedy and entertaining film. It has 3 sequels with the first two being very popular.

6. Shrek(2001) & sequel series

Animated film Shrek is a story of an ogre ‘Shrek’ and his friend a talking donkey. The antics and comedy from this duo are sure to delight our young viewers along with the popular soundtracks this film contains. The duo embarks on to save a cursed princess from a dragon with Shrek falling in love with the Princess and gives her the kiss of love to remove her curse and the dragon falling in love with the donkey. The film has 3 sequels and a spin-off movie too.

7. Monsters Inc (2001)

In the world of monsters, the monster duo Sully and his one eyed partner Mike are the best performers as scarers in the energy company they work for which harness energy from scaring children through the cupboard. However, their world goes upside down when a human baby girl ‘Boo’ accidentally enters their world and they try to save her from other monsters since they believe children are toxic. The mischievous girls and the duo are very entertaining. This is sure to banish nightmares and gives young ones a happy monster dreams instead.

8. Ice Age(2002) & Sequel series

This comedy animated film is based on the Ice age of the earth. 3 friends, a mammoth, a ground sloth and a tiger find a human baby and want to return it to the human tribe it belongs to. They develop an uneasy alliance and relationship in this journey which is packed with challenges. A toothed squirrel is also featured in between searching for a place to hide his acorn which appears extra punch of comedy in the movie. This has 3 sequel movies and a spin-off movie on the ground sloth.

9. Meet the Robinsons (2007)

An animated science fiction movie packed with comedy, challenges, and learnings. An orphan boy Lewis makes a machine that can scan the brain for memories to demonstrate at a science fair as well using to find his mother who left her. he meets a boy who claims to be a cop from the future. and needs the help of Lewis in recovering a time machine stolen from him and accepts to take Lewis in the future in return. The journey to the future and then back to the past where her mother left him in an orphanage makes Lewis learn several life lessons. The movie ends with a motivational note from Walt Disney asking to keep moving forward despite all odds.

10. Pinocchio (1940)

Academy award winner animated film Pinnocchio features a wooden puppet boy which comes to life and a talking cricket a ring as a narrator and the boy’s conscience. The puppet is promised to become a real boy if he proves himself to be brave, truthful and unselfish by a blue fairy and the puppet boys embark on this journey encountering different challenges. His nose getting longer everyone he lies is a very famous scene. This timeless tale of the boy who learns some life lessons is sure to capture your kid’s heart and give him certain lessons and a lasting impression.

Whether a boy or girl, children, and adults as wells enjoy these movies for their comedy and entertaining content. There are several other movies like Disney’s Princess based, Toy story series and other famous characters which can be recognized very easily by your child and hence will be more interesting and entertaining. Tune into one and spend that quality time with your children with these movies.

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