Spotify Free Trial For 30 Days | Listen Millions of Songs

Spotify Technology is a European and American joint concern. Who are mainly provides media services? At the very first stage of their business, the company was based on an audio streaming platform that provided various types of audio files as a recorded form. Now they provide DRM protected audio files and podcasts from several record labels.

Main Aim of Spotify –

From the beginning, Spotify focused to spread their services among all the music lovers. They set their goal to provide music for everyone. You can get millions of different songs and for this, no credit card is needed.

Services Offered By Spotify:

Just like Apple Music and Amazon, Spotify provides millions of music, podcasts and several videos from different artists of the whole world.

  • By using an existing ID or connecting with your Facebook account you can access Spotify and enjoying a huge number of media files.
  • It provides you with a free trial period of 30 days to 90 days.
  • Along with a large number of music and videos Spotify allows you to tune radio broadcasting stations.
  • You can get notifications from Spotify to know the latest releases of your favorite artists.
  • If you subscribe to their premium offer you can able to listen to music when you no longer connected with the internet.

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Catchy facilities:

  1. A free version of Spotify is very interesting and impressive.
  2. It is very easy and user-friendly to set up your playlists and synchronize them for offline services.
  3. It allows you to follow your favorite artists and get an alert when they are releasing their new album.
  4. Spotify playlists are designed to be highly personalized.
  5. It simplifies to connect wireless speakers and also Audio Visual receivers.
  6. You can enable Data Saving Mode while using their services.
  7. The customer service wings of Spotify are outstanding. They provide services 24 x 7 basis. You can contact them at any time, any day.

Spotify Premium Plans:

Spotify designed their premium plans for you in three main subjects.

Individual Premium Plan

Family Premium Plan

Students Plan

Cost: $ 9.99 per month Cost: 14.99 per month Costs: $ 4.99 per month
  • Uninterrupted music
  • You can play even when you are offline
  • 6 Premium accounts can be added
  • Explicit music
  • Ad-free listening
  • Play even offline
  • Notice Show Timing
  • Ad-free music
  • Hulu plan
  • Offline playing

Individual and Family plan includes a Google Home Mini which is demanding no further cost. You can play the app’s hands-free benefits. Along with those plans, Spotify also provides you free trial pack for a maximum 3 months period. You can access Spotify during this period without any hidden cost. The company holds all types of reserve to modify and terminate the plans at any reason. After completing the period Spotify did not allow the users to continue the benefits. You can cancel the pan before completing the term. There are no types of commitment to subscribing to the plans.

Spotify Free Trial Eligibility:

There is some eligibility to acquire a free trial plan.

  1. You should be a new subscriber. Any kind of old subscriber is not eligible to get the trial plan.
  2. You need to have authentic documents and an existing ID for Spotify to get the offers.
  3. Spotify never allows any third party to pay the subscription. It is based on business to consumer chain where a business deals with its customers directly.

Spotify can able to please their customers by providing well-accomplished packs and their free trial benefits. We are suggesting you access Spotify offer at least one time and get one of the best media services in the world.

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