Sling TV vs Hulu – Whats Best Live Streaming Service?

Two names that come to our minds instantly when we talk about live TV streaming service are Sling and Hulu. But which is the best of the two? Let us compare the two to find the answer.

Sling TV vs Hulu – Detailed Comparison


The most important thing about live streaming service is the channels and content that you get to watch.

Sling TV gives you the option to choose what you want to watch. This is a good thing as you pay for what you are watching. But in order to get the right customized package, you need to do a little permutation and combination. Only then you will get the best-customized pack.

They have 2 basic packages. These are Orange and Blue. Some channels like TNT, CNN, and Cartoon Network etc are available in both the packages. In the Orange pack, you will also get the three ESPN networks. Orange caters more to sports lovers. Blue pack is for entertainment lovers and you will get NBC, Fox, FX, AMC, and Comedy Central.


Now if you want any more channels then you have to check their different add on options. The prices range between $5 and 15. Now which channels you will get when you subscribe an add-on package will depend on which base pack you have taken. For example, if a subscriber takes the sports extra pack with Orange base pack then he will get specific ESPN channels but Blue subscribers will not get ESPN channels with this add on. They will get channels like RedZone, NFL Network, NBC Golf, and the Olympic Channel. So selecting the right add on the package on Sling TV can be a little tricky.

Hulu TV has only one subscription. This one pack contains most of the channels that one would like to watch. Customers will find that there are 4 major networks. This may vary depending on the region. One can get a number of different cable channels like FX, USA, TNT, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, ESPN, Fox Sports 1, etc. It must be noted that the channel listing will depend on the location.n

Some channels are missing in the case of Hulu. Viacom channels and AMC networks are not available on Hulu. If you want premium channels like HBO and Showtime then you need to pay an additional fee for the same. They also have add on packages. In the entertainment add on the package you will get Destination America and the Cooking Channel. If you want Spanish channels then you have to opt for Español add-on package.

When the customers opt for the Hulu subscription they will get Standard Hulu Service. In this, the customer gets to watch movies, TV programs, episodes of certain programs that were aired just a couple of days back and original series like The Handmaid’s Tale.

Price & Plans:

Now the next important thing that needs to be considered is the price of Sling and Hulu.

Sling TV basic Orange and Blue packages are priced at $25 per month. If you opt for both the packages then the cost will be $40. The price of different add on packages is priced between $5 and $15. Sling is also known to have special promotional offers for its customers especially the new ones at regular intervals.

Hulu is priced at $45 per month for 60 channels and everything that is available on regular Hulu. If you want Hulu’s on-demand platform without any commercials then the subscription will cost $51 per month.

In the case of both the service providers if you want premium channels then you have to be ready to shell out more money. Both the service providers have 7 days free trial offer.

Compatible devices:

Both the services work on different devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV or Fire tablet, Apple TV, Chromecast stick, or home PC. But you need to ensure that you have the latest version. If your device is outdated then there can be compatibility issues.

People who are making use of smart TV will find that Sling is slightly better than Hulu. Sling is compatible with both Samsung and LG sets. Hulu’s live TV option is available only on certain Samsung sets.

Additional Features:

  • Hulu offers 50 hours of cloud-based DVR service. This lets you record your favorite shows and you can watch them later.
  • Sling does not provide DVR service
  • Hulu lets you stream the shows on 2 screens at the same time and for more screens, you have to opt for unlimited screens add on by paying an additional $15.
  • Sling orange pack lets you stream the shows on just 1 screen and the blue pack gives you the option of 3 screens.
  • Hulu interface does not have a real schedule grid but they do have search filters.
  • Sling has a more streamlined interface. They have a game finder option for sports enthusiasts and they also have a schedule.

Sling TV vs Hulu – Final Verdict?

Hulu has a single package and that has most of the channels but is a bit expensive. Sling has base packages that have limited channels but it is best for budget lovers. Both are good services. The choice will depend on whether the subscriber wants more channels or less cost.

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