Sling TV HBO | Is HBO Available on Sling TV?

All set to cut the cord by opting for the online TV streaming service Sling? The decision is good as this service provider is best for people who are looking for budget solutions. But if you are an HBO fan then hang on!

Is HBO currently not available on Sling TV?

From the past few months, HBO channel is not available on Sling TV channels list. This is because of some difference between Sling TV owners Dish and HBO channel owners that are WarnerMedia. Due to this HBO and Cinemax channels have been removed from the Dish network. This has happened for the first time in the last 4 decades. As of now, the two companies have not been able to strike a new deal. So it is really very difficult to comment on the question that how soon HBO will be available on Sling TV. As of now, it looks the chances of HBO’s return on Sling look bleak.

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Best Options to Watch HBO Channels:

1. Check the streaming service of HBO:

You can check out the HBO streaming service. This streaming service is HBO NOW. Here you can watch all that content on HBO which Sling TV would have normally given to its subscribers. You will have to pay $15 per month to subscribe for the HBO NOW app. On this app, you can watch some of the most popular shows of HBO. For example, you can watch the latest episodes of the popular show Game of Thrones on this app.

2. Watch HBO NOW on Amazon prime app:

If you have subscribed for Amazon Prime channels then to you will be able to access HBO NOW. You can watch this channel on their Amazon prime app.

3. Watch HBO on Roku channel:

You can watch HBO NOW online without the app. For this, you have to be a subscriber of Roku. Recently Roku announced that they were adding HBO to their subscription. If you have an existing Roku account then all that you need to do is sign up for HBO through Roku. You can then easily watch HBO online and you do not even need the HBO NOW app.

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4. Watch HBO online on Playstation Vue:

Playstation Vue is a live TV streaming service provider. If you are a subscriber of Playstation Vue then you can buy their HBO add on pack. You can buy this add on pack only if you subscribe to the live TV streaming service provider’s package.

Their entry-level plan is called Access. This pack has 50 live TV networks. These are ESPN, National Geographic, TNT, etc. This service provider offers unlimited cloud DVR. This lets you record live TV shows. This service provider has apps for Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Android TV devices. You can try the services of Playstation Vue for free for 5 days.

5. Opt for DirecTV :

DirecTV has 2 packages that have HBO. Their Plus pack which costs $50 per month has HBO along with other channels. This pack has 40+ channels. The other pack is the Max pack. The price of this pack is $70 per month. This pack has HBO and Cinemax and it has other sports channels. This service provider gives a 7-day trial pack.

6. Watch HBO on Hulu:

You can easily watch HBO on Hulu. In fact, you can watch HBO on Hulu free of cost for one week. After the free trial period, you will have to pay $14.99 per month. First of all, you need to take a base plan. You can opt for the plan which cost you just $5.99 per month.

You can take add on pack of HBO. This pack will give you access to different HBO shows like popular series, best movies, documentaries, comedy programs, and many other things.

No need of missing out on HBO as there are a number of options!

Sling tv subscribers were in for a shock when HBO channel was removed from Sling TV. But as we can see that there are a number of other options that they can try. All the options are reliable ones and they are also cost-effective. One of the best options is choosing HBO NOW service. This is available in the form of a standalone app or you can also watch it on the website. So if you have already subscribed for Sling TV but just cannot do without HBO then this is the best bet.

There are other options. You can choose some other live streaming service provider. We have mentioned the details about Playstation Vue, DirecTV, and Hulu. You will have to check the subscription packages of these live streaming service providers and then choose the combination that fulfills your requirement of watching HBO. You can also subscribe to Roku TV in order to watch HBO.

So there are plenty of options. As far as revival of the HBO and Sling TV association is concerned that we need to wait and watch. As of now, there is no development and so we might not be able to have HBO on Sling TV anytime soon.

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