Set TV Review – Channels, Packages & Best Offers

With the advancement of technology, you have already witnessed various modes of watching television. There are too many options for you to enjoy watching television. Are you worried to choose the exact one for you? Don’t get confused. We are here to present you with a review of Set TV which has appeared to be one of the best options for television viewers. Many of you have already heard of the Set TV while the name is unknown to most of you. This review will help you to decide whether this may be an option for you to enjoy the experience of watching television. What are you waiting for? Just go through the review and see if this really helps you.

A Brief Information About Set TV:

Set TV has gained popularity as an Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) service. When you install the app Set TV Now on a device that supports that app, you will be eligible for watching live TV with the help of an internet connection. For an amount of monthly fee, Set TV gives you the chance to enjoy watching more than 500 channels with high-definitions. You will be happy to know that you can enjoy this service on three different devices. Local channels like NBC, ABC, and CBS have been included in the list of these channels. Furthermore, premium movie channels like Stars, Showtime and HBO can also be watched through Set TV.

Set TV Packages:

What are you thinking? Isn’t Set TV interesting? Just wait. There are more to come. Let me tell you about the packages first. The set TV offers attractive packages and tries to keep things simple for their dearest customers.

  • The customers need not pick from different packages that are streaming for a particular time or decide how to get access to a particular package. There is only one simple package that you can avail of.
  • Particularly this scope of limited choice is liked by new customers. This is so because they need not worry about the choice of package and risk of wrong subscription here.
  • Don’t you like to know about the cost? Here we are to inform you all in detail. You need to pay $20 per month for 500 channels.
  • For an additional $5, Set TV also offers you 73 premium Spanish channels.

Set TV Channels Information:

You may think this will be costly for you. Don’t worry. Let me tell your subscription details and you will be relieved. This Set TV package will give you:

  • 500 and more channels with most of them in HD quality
  • 1000 options for entertainment as per your need
  • Plug and play mode
  • Compatibility with almost all virtual platforms.

Let me inform you more about Set TV package:

  • All channels in Set TV package are English.
  • There are options for Television lovers of different ages.
  • Channels for kids like ABC spark, family, ytv are included within the package.
  • There you can get sports packages such as NBA, NFL, and NHL.
  • Cottage and fishing channels are available for those interested in such kind of thing.
  • You have PPV channels free of cost.
  • Some channels are only for adults. Such channels can be protected with passwords if you have kids.
  • Set TV frequently adds new channels.

The capability of Set TV to be streamed from three different devices at once is another advantage. While this is typically a paid alternative for other providers, for Set TV this is incorporated within the monthly charge. This will give you the chance to enjoy individually favorite shows at the same time. The customer service of Set TV is not much helpful. Therefore, they require to enhance the quality of customer support like their streaming operations. When they overcome this kind of mediocre customer support, they will gain the highest popularity.

Content Offered By Set TV:

Won’t you like to know about Set TV content? Wait. Let me explain.

  • Frankly speaking, Set TV has satisfied customers searching for English content.
  • International TV channels will not be found in Set TV, forget about VoD content.
  • If you are looking for English channels, you can have blind faith on Set TV. It is probably the best option.
  • Whatever profession you are from, Set TV is always there to entertain you with its attractive package.
  • Countless sports channels will enthusiast sports lovers. NHL, UFC, NBA are some of the important ones.
  • The kids’ channels will entertain your kids. At the same time, everyone at your house will be happy with the Set TV content which is diverse.
  • Set TV has made its on-demand content grow to an impressive size.
  • From the latest blockbusters to classic movies, everything is available on Set TV. You will also get a chance to enjoy the whole box sets of TV shows whenever you like.

Are you getting interested to subscribe Set TV services? Continue with your reading this review and then decide. You will get to know the service quality and its compatibility with different devices.

Quality and Reliability:

Before deciding whether to subscribe, you require to know the quality and reliability of Set TV.

  • If you look at the quality of streaming, you will not find anything to complain about.
  • Many channels are streamed with high definition and that too with highly impressive bit rates.
  • The high definition channels are not streamed as being overly compressed.
  • As a result, you will enjoy a smooth and clear picture.
  • The picture quality is sometimes accompanied with 5.1 surround sound.
  • The channels that are streamed suit with everyday use.
  • The reliability of those channels is also equally splendid.
  • Set TV has been very careful to source and distribute their channels to respective users.
  • The switching of their TV channels has also appeared to be very fast and smooth.
  • We can mention another note-worthy thing that is an electronic program guide. It is really excellent.
  • Although most of the service providers do not show EPG with complete information of programs, Set TV is never seen to do so.
  • Almost all the channels provide up-to-date and accurate EPG data.

Set TV has thus made browsing quite easy and enjoyable for entertainment.

Set TV: Compatibility

You require knowing whether your device is at all compatible to make you enjoy Set TV services. Otherwise, your subscription will be futile.

  • Set TV is practically well-suited with any device that can connect to the internet.
  • It has happened to be somehow unique for it mostly trusts on its excellent apps with loads of features to give you the chance to access its content.
  • Set TV also has its own PC and Mac applications. These can be used to connect to its service directly.
  • Set TV compatible devices are:
  1. Windows PC
  2. Kodi
  3. Android Set-top boxes
  4. MacBook
  5. Amazon Fire Stick
  6. Android box 5.1 or higher
  7. Android tablets
  8. Amazon Fire TV
  9. Android phones
  10. Nvidia Shield
  • Set TV is not presently compatible with XBox or ROKU. Although ROKU cannot be considered as a better option for Set TV, there are many compatible devices which you can opt for.


Q1: Is Set TV a legitimate service?

Ans: Yes of course.

Q2: Do they provide 24 hours customer service?

Ans: Although they promise, they do not provide satisfactory customer service as reported by consumers.

Q3: Is the cost of Set TV worthy of its service?

Ans: Yes. The cost goes very much with the service provided.

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