Run towards your vices and take your time with the process

06 / 15 / 18

It’s so important to me to not only focus on my imperfections and vices , but to continue to move forward positively while working in constant with any bad habits. 

I remember taking parenting , anger management and marriage counseling. 

As I identified my vices, I committed to myself that it would be a process to becoming one again.

It’s never about change , it’s about becoming one ( your original personality) and having balance . 

Business will Always take a back seat to ONE.  My interns and staff are encouraged to become one also. I do not encourage over working and missing out on time. 

Their time is important to me. 

With coming into the NBA at an early age , I brought baggage ( which I’m proud of because we had no options in regards to removing drugs , guns and more from our surroundings. And usually if you tried to fix your communities , some would go misusing) with me . 

I often tried to bandaid the baggage with partying , alcohol and marijuana. These practices only made things worst. These substances has its place , but not a place to help you escape. It only pulls you in further if using for those reasons. 

As I developed bad habits addiction (sex , alcohol, marijuana, spending ) I had to make a choice to change my path. 

One takes time. Do not beat yourself up.