Redemption: Going Back To The Origin

08 / 05 / 18

This upcoming September will be the 7th year anniversary of Metta World Peace’s notorious name change. Born Ron Artest after his father, Artest built a reputation for being a phenomenal defensive player–becoming not only a household name, but a force to be reckoned with. For roughly 30 years as Ron Artest, he won a NBA championship, won NBA Defensive Player of the Year, has been a NBA All-Star and the list can go on. Alongside all these commendable accomplishments, controversial incidents occurred. Let’s just say that he didn’t gain the title of being one of the best defensive players of all time by being nice.

Changing his name legally to Metta World Peace was the spark for a new era for the well-known basketball player. He stated that: “I changed to World Peace because of the violence in the world. I wanted to change the conversation.” After being known as Metta World Peace for the rest of his NBA career: his original name, Ron Artest, is making its long-awaited comeback.

Metta World Peace is participating in Ice Cube’s basketball league: Big 3. He is the co-captain of the Killer 3’s. He plays alongside Stephen Jackson, Chauncey Billups and more. His coach Charles Oakley, a former NBA player, leads the team. To everyone’s surprise, mid-season Metta has agreed to return to his roots and change the name on his jersey back to Artest.

The name Artest embodies Metta World Peace’s basketball career: his hunger for the game, his legacy and overall the basketball player we have all come to love. Metta World Peace declared: “Artest is where basketball started. Artest is the streets. World Peace is the evolution.” For the first time in 7 years you can watch Metta play as Ron Artest at the Big 3–go watch a Killer 3’s game for old times’ sake. See Ron Artest for one last time.


Post by Nichoel Young