Prince Dykes name the official financial blogger for

12 / 17 / 18

“Financial literacy is so important and is not given enough attention in most homes or in most schools. I really love the curriculum GCFLF and Prince Dykes have put together, and we at Gradelo University are excited to help expose more kids and parents to these financial literacy lessons.”

According to “33% of American adults have $0 saved for retirement.” How does this happen to citizens of the riches country in the world? Metta World Peace decide uses his platforms  and his foundation Gradelo University to promote financial literacy. In 2017, Metta met children financial literacy book author and Host, The Investor Show Prince Dykes at Warren Buffet annual Berkshire Hathaway meeting. In 2018, they officially partnered to promote finical literacy. In the partnership Prince Dykes will provide monthly blogs and articles focused on topics related to the financial world, which will be posted on the and Additionally, both organizations will be showcased during Global Children Financial Literacy Foundation events including financial workshops and financial literacy and technology (FINTECH) expos, which have become a staple of the organization that presents high school children with a wealth of information about finances and the many opportunities within the technology sector.