NowTv Free Trail for 7 Days | 2020 Offers & Packages

So you might be wondering what an excellent streaming service is equivalent to getting none since they will charge you more than whatever is intended. With the use of the extended plan of NowTv Free Trail, you can get to watch your favorite show now like Game of Thrones or even Peaky Blinders, whichever you want.

NowTV Free Trail – Introduction

NowTv Free Trail is a source and a streaming service for you where you can get to watch all your favorite shows and movies. It is a product of the Sky marketing service. There are individual passes which are comprised and makes this whole platform. All of the crossings have a different source to it. Like one pass if meant for your entertainment channels. One is also known for sports, another one for the news and so on. Users can take any pass they want if they to subscribe for a pack for themselves.

These passes that you will take as a user amount for the monthly subscription here. This means that once you have the pass subscribed to your account, you can even watch the live TV streaming service for you. There are movies and sports which comes here as well.

Nowtv is different than your Skybox sets?

Yes, NowTv is entirely different from the Skybox sets. There is an entirely different package for your NowTv which are ranged for the users. You don’t have to become a subscriber of Sky TV to become a member of NowTv. Depending on the subscription list that you have to your name, there are packages which are based for NowTv for you. And for all of the reasons, NowTv is ultimately cheaper from your Sky TV as well.

Recommended Free Trials 

What are the free passes which are used for NowTv?

Here is the list of free passes which are used for NowTv.

  1. The Entertainment Pass is meant for the shows and the channels which are solely based onto the entertainment value of the watchers. These are the type of channels like MTV, Central, and others which are added to your pack. Especially if you want to watch the new shows, you can use this pass. All the newly streamed shows are updated here.
  2. The Sky Pass comes to your NowTv Free Trail as well. This means that you will get a chance to watch all the awesome TV shows and movies that you want from here. With this deal, you will have to pay less than the others. There are some action-packed movies which you can watch here like Venom, Aquaman, Infinity War, etc. if you don’t like going to the movie theatres then pack your bed and watch these movies at your comfort with the use of this pack.
  3. The NowTv Hayu Pass is for the people who want to have the primary TV channels for their entertainment source. The shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians, Top Chef and even Jersey Shore are what you can watch with the help of this pack subscribed just to your name.
  4. The last one is Kids Pass. This is meant for the channels and the TV shows which are mainly intended for your kids to watch. There are a ton of cartoons which are added to this pack like Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, etc.

NowTV Free Trail Signup Guide:

  • If you want to sign up for the NowTv then you need to go to the official website there. After you have gone to the official website, then only you can create an account there.
  • There is TV passes tab which will be presented onto the site that you have. If you like, then you can select the package or the pass that you want.
  • Whichever pass that you select for yourself, there will be the NowTv Free Trail sourced out for you.
  • The trial is meant for people who want a free source of the streaming service for about seven days.
  • Later if you like the streaming service, you can buy it if you don’t, then you can cancel your subscription.
  • The free trial period is for some people who want to have satisfaction with the platform that they are using. If you are a new customer, then you need to understand the app works for you, and this is the reason why you need to have fixed management of this app.
  • This is when the trial period can be right for you. You can actively subscribe here with the use of your device like desktop or laptop and need to have an active internet connection as well.

How can you watch NowTv?

While you have gone to the official website of NowTv, you need to sign onto your account. It is just like the other streaming platforms where you are on. NowTv gives you the option to have a seamless streaming source right there for you. You can have your usual web browser open to view NowTv. Depending on the pass that you have chosen for yourself, the channels will be loaded. If you have the sky pass, then you can get to watch all the TV shows and even the movies. If you have the entertainment pass, then all the upcoming TV shows will be streamed for you.

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Best Options in NowTV Free Trail:

NowTv Free Trail is the best option for you to wait because before choosing, you will get a free trial here. There are hundreds of TV shows and movies which you can steam here. There are the HBO Classics like the Wire and even the Sopranos with the upcoming TV shows like Chernobyl. There are top-notch comedies which you can watch here as well. The free source of the trial is what makes this app so amazing. And even if you want, then you can buy the sport or the additional passes for yourself. It will be mentioned on your account.

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