Metta World Peace on his passion for basketball and conflict with Charles Oakley and his love for the Big 3.

07 / 28 / 18

Wow , Wow , Wow.

      Ice Cube , Ice Cube , Ice Cube.. How one man can bring back a passion from the 90’s all with a vision. All for the love of the game. Then when you add his expertise and experience with content, you have the fastest growing league in the world.. You also have guys like Mike Bibby and Al Harrignton bringing some old school memories back. 

     When I first signed up for the Big 3 , I was very worried about getting in confrontation due to the equity I have in conflict confrontation. I thought my days were over as a basketball competitor and foward to digital marketing and digital analytics. “Metta World Peace refuses to leave the game after his Coach , Charles Oakley, told him to sit down”, Big 3 commentators. 

    Although I hate these memories of conflict due to my career, I have to admit that it was very fulfilling. My goals from this point out is to bring the fire with a controlled flame. Speaking of fire and flames, I always envied Kobe , Lebron and other guys that were able to play with passion and scream after a dunk or get emotional after a three point shot. The reason I envied that was because I was  never able to get emotional without losing control which ultimately hurt my team. It really sucks that i had to sacrifice my play for a balance and leveled energy. My therapist often encouraged me not to get excited because my emotional levels get to high. Sometimes it would come across as if I didn’t care , but in all fairness, I just wanted to play basketball without getting into trouble. My entire career was mostly unstable. Due to the anxiety before each game and my ghetto mindset, it was a bad mix for a professional game. 

     My goal for the remainder of the BiG 3 is to be able to play with passion without getting a tech, ejected or out of control. I would appreciate my fans support in this 2 game journey of mine. and thanks to Ice Cube , I have the chance to finish off my career loving the game. 

     Sincerely ,

            Metta World