Limitless IPTV Review | Channels, Packages & Pricing

“Experience unlimited premium channels online! Sports Channel! Movies! Full HD all the time! It gives a true sense of Enjoyment!” Good day, dear customers! If you are looking to start trimming your monthly expenses, then you are the right place. Limitless IPTV can be the best choice according to your requirements. Limitless IPTV offers HD quality channels and VoD line up with average quality and reliability. It has its popularity when it takes into account international and local channels.

However, you need to check the reliability before making any payment. But you will surely get access to around two thousand channels and watch over seventeen thousand TV shows and movies. Additionally, limitless IPTV shines when it comes to local channels. Their service offers a vast local and regional channel stations that you could not find on other streaming services in the market.

Limitless IPTV – 2020 Channels, Packages & Plans

You can see two types of services they are offering based on kid friendly and the other one is a full package that includes adult content. If you look at the pricing plan, Limitless IPTV is quite affordable. You can select from following subscription options provided by Limitless IPTV:

  • You can take a trial of 48 hours paying around 2.50 USD.
  • For one month subscription of Limitless IPTV, you need to pay 10 USD.
  • You can also take a subscription of three months and six months at 27 USA and 50 USD respectfully.
  • If you are satisfied enough with their services and video quality, you can simply update your subscriptions for one year paying just 80 USD.

You can easily opt out of adult content while subscribing to any of the above packages. It has always been reviewed to make use of the trial packages before investing a bulk of your money. They also offer you to subscribe to their video on demand (VOD) only. If you are not interested in watching live TV, then VOD option is worth considering. However, you must remember that you cannot avail of this subscription at a very cheap rate compared to that of a full package subscription.

  • You can get a trial of 12 hours at paying 1.30 USD.
  • Subscribing for one month you need to pay 5.50 USD.
  • If you want to avail Limitless IPTV services for three and six months, you need to pay 11 USD and 20.50 USD respectively.

Reliability and Quality

What will be our first reaction, if we hear that Limitless IPTV is offering large numbers of TV channels and VOD content? We will simply expect a lot of buffering and freezing frequently while watching our favorite shows online.

  • But the truth sounds too good to be true! In the case of limitless IPTV, it probably provides the best quality services. It provides flawless, smooth and free from buffering video compared to its competitors.
  • It is worthy to mention that limitless TV offers a wide range of channels under your budget. But sometimes it gets frustrating while hunting for alternate channels for watching the same programs.

What we are not excited about is its electronic program guide. With over offering 2000 channels, it is not expected an EPG without coverage issues. It is wished by customers to update and close some of the gaps in limitless IPTV services.


You can avail Limitless IPTV via stalker portal and M3U playlist.

  • M3U Offers maximum compatibility with any electronic devices that have an internet connection and screen. You can use your Android TV set-top box, smartphone, and home computer.
  • You can enjoy the best experience that of cable-like with your Limitless IPTV stalker that uses a set-top box specially designed for IPTV. You can also check other popular options such as Infomir, Dreamlink, and Buzz TV.

List of compatible devices are:

  • New Android Application
  • Android MX Player App
  • GSE App on Apple TV
  • Kodi Addon
  • Perfect Player
  • STB App
  • Smart IPTV App
  • Zgemma

Pros & Cons of Limitless IPTV:


You will likely to receive maximum benefits using Limitless IPTV services.

  • Best point of Limitless IPTV service is that it provides high quality video with minimum interruption because it is managed by private content delivery network.
  • Surprising it offers unique features of video on demand and date of broadcasting of new shows to its customers.
  • It is u8ser-friendly as it does not require following any special installation process. You just require a set-top box and a broadband connection to start enjoying watching your favourite shows.


Now, let’s come to not so good news part of Limitless IPTV.

  • It is sold as a subscription at comparable rates to cable TV.
  • The quality might suffer during peak hours as IPTV provider services are dependent on the internet.
  • To avoid any interruption you need maximum speed bandwidth internet.
  • Limitless IPTV gives offer plans to stream videos and live TV. So, there will be data caps attached to it. Higher your plan budget more the data and speed you will receive.


1Q. How is Limitless IPTV streaming services allowed to broadcast premier cable stations legally?

Limitless IPTV provider comes with an agreement with content providers like Showtime, HBO and many more to distribute original video secretly as per the agreement. Limitless IPTV service providers pay to content providers for making the distribution of the contents.

2Q. Is there any difference between internet TV and Limitless IPTV?

  • Limitless IPTV delivers high quality, consistent and more reliable video content to its customers while internet videos can be delayed due to lower bandwidth, poor connection quality, and high traffic.
  • Significant amount of video is delivered on the Internet that you can watch for free whereas Limitless IPTV offers more than 2000 channels at a very affordable pricing plan.

So you need to miss any more of your favorite sports channels across the US, Hong Kong, Canada, Indonesia, and Australia. Just with a single subscription, you can get lost in the world of fantastic TV shows and movies!

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