FuboTV Free Trial to Watch Live Sports & TV

FuboTV is considered as one of the prominent internet television service providers. One will want to first take a trial and then subscribe for the package. Now the question is whether FuboTV offers a free trial option.

FuboTV: Packages With Price

FuboTV offers the below-mentioned packages. Each package has different channels and different features. Here are the details of the three FuboTV packages.


  • The price is $ 55 per month
  • It offers 90 channels
  • The package includes 30 hours of free DVR
  • User can stream 2 devices simultaneously
  • Free trial option available

Fubo Extra:

  • The price is $ 60 per month
  • You will get 110 channels
  • The package includes 30 hours of free DVR
  • User can stream 2 devices simultaneously
  • Free trial option available

FuboTV also has a base plan but this base plan does not have the option of a free trial. But it has a few better benefits like a boost in Cloud DVR space etc.

FuboTV Free Trail: Introduction

Both the above-mentioned plans offer a 7-day free trial. During the free trial period, you can check the different features of FuboTV. This will give you a better idea about the type and quality of service provided by the service provider.

Now the question is whether you will be charged after the 7-day trial period is over? If you cancel the subscription before the end of the 7 day trial period then, in that case, you will not be charged for the 7-day free trial period. If you decide to keep the subscription then you will have to pay for the monthly plan after the 7-day free trial period ends and only then you will be able to continue watching FuboTV.

The subscriber will have to make a pre-payment for 2 months of FuboTV. If the subscriber decides to cancel the subscription mid-way then you will not get back the money that you have paid. Once the 2 month period comes to an end after that the subscriber will not be charged for the renewal.

Steps to Get FuboTV Free Trail:

  • You will first have to go to the official website of FuboTV.
  • Here you will have to create your account by entering all the details in the online form.
  • Next, you will be prompted to choose the plan.
  • Remember one thing that in the case of the base plan there is no 7-day free trial period. The other 2 plans have a free trial period. So if you first want to try out the 7 days free trial period then the subscriber has to either opt for Fubo or the Fubo extra plan
  • Now next you will be asked to choose the addons. It is not mandatory to choose addons. Only if you want to avail to some additional paid benefits then you may choose the addons. The addons are paid service.
  • Now you will be requested to enter the payment information. You may wonder why to enter the payment information when you want to first try the 7-day free trial option. It must be noted that even if you first want to try the free trial option it is mandatory to enter the payment information. If you do not enter the payment information then you will not be allowed to proceed with the signup procedure. What the subscriber needs to understand here is that when you opt for the free trial period your account will not be charged. The account will be charged only when the subscriber subscribes for the package at the end of the trial period. If the subscriber cancels the account before the end of the 7-day trial period then his account will not be charged.
  • Once you complete the sign-up procedure you are all set to use the account. Enjoy the 7-day free trial period where you can enjoy watching your favorite channels online.


This live TV service is mainly for sports lovers. However, it currently does not have ESPN and Disney owned channels. But it is not necessary that this scenario will exist forever. Though it does not have these ESPN and Disney owned channels ardent sports lovers need not get disappointed as they have a number of other important sports channels which the sports lovers will surely enjoy.

One thing that you need to note here is that it is not just a sports lover’s paradise. It has many other wonderful options like Viacom entertainment and lifestyle channels. It will also add more channels from the Discovery Network FuboTV is definitely one of the best options for live TV. You only need to opt for the correct package. To get a feel of this service provider you can choose their 7-day free trial option.

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