Fire TV Stick vs ChromeCast – Comparison & Review (2020)

The live streaming industry is getting huge at the moment and is growing year after year. Most of the people are ditching their cable TV and turning to these live streaming services. Since it is currently the talk of the town, there is surely a lot of options available.

Amazon Fire TV Stick VS ChromeCast:

With all these amazing features and varieties, how do you go ahead a select one? Well, it’s not that tough because in this post I’ll be talking about two of the best streaming services that you need for entertainment, which are Amazon Firestick and ChromeCast. If that sounds interesting, let’s dive right in.

Features of Amazon Fire TV Stick:

Amazon has to date rolled out a lot of updates to these devices and it’s getter much better with every update. In fact, it has almost all of the things you would need for a seamless streaming experience. Some of the most notable features are mentioned below:

Thousands of video content & songs

Once you purchase and subscribe to this streaming service, you’ll never be looking for new content to watch. It has a super huge library of video content that includes all of these third-party services as well:

  • Netflix
  • CBS All Access
  • Showtime
  • YouTube
  • Prime Video
  • And many more!

In fact, you get access to over 500,000 movies and shows on your demand. Apart from that, you can live stream news as well as songs. Cool, right?

Easy to setup

Unlike many other streaming services, Amazon fire stick was made for incredibly easy setup. Keeping the customers in mind, they tried to keep it simple for all the masses out there. To connect the fire stick, all you need to do is:

  1. Put in your fire stick into your HDTV
  2. Then plug it into the wall socket
  3. Finally, connect to your internet and it’s all done!

Ability to voice search with Alexa

Not many people out there like to press buttons again and again and keeping that in mind, Amazon fire stick came up with an advanced voice search through the Alexa. You can tell it to change channels, increase the volume and whatnot. Everything at your disposal.

Great look and design

No surprises, Amazon fire stick has a great looking design that feels amazing when you hold it or even look at it. With its strong plastic body, you might think it’s too fragile but it’s just enough for good and proper use. It’s a little beauty with awesomeness!

User-friendly interface

Once you enter the Amazon fire stick interface, you won’t be lost. In fact, it is too easy even for the non-techy masses out there. It has a proper menu, channels, third-party apps and everything in front of your eyes to easily navigate.

Pricing of the Amazon Fire Stick:

With all these awesome features, you might think that this device costs a dime. I tell you what, it doesn’t. In fact, it costs a lot less than you think. Here’s the price of the two different versions:

  1. Amazon Fire Stick ($39.99)
  2. Amazon Fire Stick 4K ($49.99)

I believe you can tell the difference by the name itself. But, there is much more to it than you think. The fire stick 4K has every single feature that the normal fire stick has but on top of that, it has Dolby Atmos and 4K streaming quality.

Features of Chromecast:

After all that talk of Amazon Fire stick, it’s time to learn about Chromecast. It is another great option for streaming interesting content and it stands almost neck to neck alongside fire stick. It is from Google, so you know it’s going to be incredible anyway. Here are some of the great features:

Stream from one than one device

What is better than streaming on your TV? Probably – streaming on your other devices as well. Chromecast allows you to use their service on multiple devices Android, IOS and laptop. This means, if you’re tired of watching stuff on your TV, you can switch to your mobile phone in an instant.

Voice-enabled search

Voice search is always great for people who like to give commands. In fact, the Google Now feature on Chromecast helps you do just that effortlessly. You can just ask Google to turn on your favorite show or rewind a little or anything else, it’ll do it.

Easy to setup and use

Setting up Chromecast is not rocket science. In fact, it’s really easy. If you’ve never set anything like this up before, then I believe this is going to be a great start for you. All you have to do is open  Chromecast and straightaway go to Now, connect your Chromecast to the WiFi network. Finally, hit the “cast” option which can be seen on the cast enabled application.

Impressive design and looks

The chromecast looks really impressive, much like any other Google devices. The weight is not too much or too low. It is perfectly balanced between those two and holding one feels like a medal of greatness. The surface is glossy and easy to grab in your hands.

In-built Google Chrome

Apart from streaming video content, you can even browse internet through their built-in Google Chrome browser that is designed to serve you with a great online experience. Just imagine, browsing your favorite websites on your big TV. What a view!

Pricing of Chromecast:

Much like Amazon Fire stick, Chromecast too comes with two different versions and no it still doesn’t cost a dime. Here’s what it looks like:

  1. Chromecast ($35)
  2. Chromecast Ultra ($70)

Both of the plans are very alike when it comes to offerings, except that Chromecast streams at 1080p and Chromecast Ultra at 4K HDR quality. Also, the 4K variant has an additional Ethernet port cable which allows you to connect to an external source of internet apart from only WiFi. Barring those differences, both of them are worth it and have great features and qualities within them. You can be sure of getting a great experience with either of those plans.

Amazon Fire TV Stick VS Chromecast: Overview


There you have it – a comparison between Amazon Fire Stick and Chromecast. Both of these services are winning hearts worldwide but choosing one is a great difficulty. Start by identifying your needs and requirements and you’re sure to come up with a clear answer. I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading!

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