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With the popularity of movies and TV show streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc it is no brainer that world today prefers watching their favorite entertainment programs on these services instead of the cable networks. Netflix has been prominently dominant when it comes to these services but now Disney seems to overtake Netflix’s business by storm with the introduction of its own streaming services with Disney Plus. Disney has a wide network, it won’t be wrong to say that whatever entertainment you watch today has Disney involved in it directly or indirectly.

Some famous franchises like Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, 20th Century Fox have been associated with Disney for a long time and with the launch of Disney Plus, we are going to see many more of them than usual. Even if you aren’t familiar with these franchises you don’t have to worry because Disney has been producing good content for a long time and Disney Plus is just another one of its expansion projects which is going to revolutionize the entire business of entertainment.

Though comparing Disney Plus with Netflix when it is just launched would seem absurd but future programs that they are going to launch in the coming years can turn things apart. Some of those programs are exclusive Marvel TV shows and movies which will be starring the same actors and actresses from movies so you can understand why they aren’t just beating around the bush and are seriously looking to overtake ad-free streaming service business.

Disney Plus: Introduction

Now onto the Disney Plus, it was recently launched on 12th of November 2019 and they’ve put up some of their initial bundles and plans. Though these plans seem to change in the future most of the primary things will remain the same. There are monthly plans as well as annual plans with their own perks. For the services of basic Disney Plus, you will have to pay 6.99$ per month and if you intend to get an annual pack then it just sums about 69.99$.

Upon registering you will get a 7 day free trial and you can cancel the service anytime within those 7 days as per your convenience without having to pay a single penny. Although it is recommended to get an annual deal since it cuts some amount if you don’t find the shows the way you want, you can’t just cut a deal in the middle. You will have to pay full 69.99$ regardless of your choice, so if you’re unsure you can just start off by paying 6.99$ per month.

Disney Plus Best Offers:

The basic Disney Plus subscription includes most of the things from the library of Disney. It includes famous TV shows and movies from Disney, Marvel, 20th Century Fox. As of now, there are approximately 7500 episodes and more than 500 movies available on the basic pack of Disney plus but they will eventually go on increasing. Some of the classic and retro Disney shows and movies can also be found on it. The second bundle which includes ESPN and Hulu comes off at 12.99$ per month.

This is actually quite terrific deal considering the fact that ESPN is the flagship for sports related content across the globe and Hulu is among one of the top streaming service providers. From Hulu, it is estimated that around 50000 different titles will be included in this bundle and as far as ESPN goes, you will get to see UFC, NCAA, MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, and much more content. Though, you will get content from Hulu upon getting this subscription but bear in mind that it won’t be ad free as in the case of Disney Plus. So if you don’t want nuisances of commercials, you can opt for basic pack only.

Steps to Take Disney Plus Free Trial:

Follow these steps to get a free trial of Disney :

Step1: Visit preview.disneyplus.com which is the official website of Disney Plus.

Step2: There are two plans; 6.99$ per month and 69.99$ annual plan. Select the one you desire.

Step3: Both of these plans offer free 7 day trial so you won’t be charged from day of signing up to the next 7 days.

Step4: Fill in your email address and agree to the terms and conditions.

Step5: Create your password and click continue.

Step6: Fill your payment information (credit/debit card). Once you are done, click agree and continue and now you are good to go.

Along with this, Disney Plus has made a deal with Verizon which allows you to access Disney Plus free for years. In order to obtain that deal, you will have to get Verizon’s 4G LTE and 5G plans and of course, you will have to pay for the internet. But in return, you will have the opportunity to get your hands on content from Disney Plus for free that too for an entire year. So if you are looking for a new wireless network, you should check out this amazing deal from Verizon.

Where is it available?

As of now, Disney Plus is available in the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands. It will be available in the Australian subcontinent in a few days and as for the other countries, it will be available in the next year. Asia Pacific countries might have to wait for a couple of years to get the service of Disney Plus. Disney Plus is still in its initial phase and has limited content. Compared to Netflix, it may never amount to a variety of content. But Disney offers family friendly content so you don’t really have to put any restrictions on watching anything from it, plus with a bundled pack, you will get content from Hulu and ESPN so you won’t have to subscribe to different streaming services.

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