DirecTV Now Vs Sling TV | Which One is the Best??

If you want to get rid of the cable cord and also keep your monthly bills in control then it is better to opt for a live TV streaming service provider. But it is important that you choose only the best service provider.

Let us compare two major competitors that provide live TV service.  These are AT&T’s DirecTV Now and Dish’s Sling TV.

DirectTV Now Vs Sling TV: Price, Channels & Features


Sling TV has 2 basic packages. These are Sling Orange and Sling Blue. Both cost $25 per month. You also have the option to take the combined plan that is Orange+ Blue. This will cost you $40 per month. Sling Blue has more channels than Sling Orange. The set of channels in both packages are different. But some channels are common in both the packages. The Orange pack which has ESPN is mainly for sports lovers. You can add more channels to the base package by taking addons. The price of the addon packages is $5 and above.

DirecTV Now’s basic plan is priced at $50 per month. It has more than 40 channels. This plan is known as the Plus plan. This plan contains HBO. It must be noted that currently, you cannot watch HBO on Sling TV. Their nex pack is the Max pack. The price of this package is $70 per month. This pack has more than 50 channels. It contains HBO and Cinemax. The other packages are Entertainment which costs $93 per month for 65-plus channels; Choice which costs $110 per month for 85-plus channels; Xtra is $124 per month for 105-plus channels, and Ultimate is $135 per month for 125-plus channels.

They also have added on packs and the price starts from $5 per month. If you need additional Cloud DVR space then you have to pay $ 10 per month.

Cost-wise Sling TV has more competitive rates as compared to DirecTV Now.

DirectTv Now vs Sling TV: Channels

In the case of Sling TV if you take the combined Blue+ Orange pack then you get a number of channels which includes sports channels, lifestyle channels, entertainment channels, news channels, etc. As for the accessibility of local affiliates of Fox and NBC is concerned it will depend on which area of US you are residing. In the case of Sling TV, you cannot get HBO, CBS, and BABC.

DirecTV Now gives you all the 4 major players that are ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox. Their basic plan also includes ESPN and HBO. If you opt for their higher package then you can get more than 125 channels.  The only problem is that in the case of DirecTV Now you will not get the NFL network.

So in the case of channels definitely DirecTV Now is the winner.

Device Compatibility:

Sling TV is compatible with Roku device (including Roku TVs), the two most recent versions of Apple TV (4th and 5th generations), 2nd-gen or higher Amazon Fire TV devices, and 2nd-gen or higher Chromecast (or Chromecast built-in) devices. It is also compatible with LG’s Web OS platform, Xbox One, Android TV, and Oculus Rift.

DirecTV Now is only compatible with Roku device (including Roku TVs), the two most recent versions of Apple TV (4th and 5th generations), 2nd-gen or higher Amazon Fire TV devices, and 2nd-gen or higher Chromecast (or Chromecast built-in) devices. It will work only with Samsung Smart TV and iOS and Android devices.

Sling TV has a slight edge over DirecTV Now in this round.


Sling TV has a simple interface. It is easy to use. But it does not show consistency across the different device.

DirecTV Now interface is user-friendly. It has big graphics and it works well on screens of all sizes.  It gives a consistent user experience across different devices. So we can conclude that DirecTV Now has a better interface as compared to Sling TV.

Audio & Video quality:

Sling TV’s audio and video quality is a concern. The video quality will depend on the internet connection but overall the video quality is not very appealing. Audio quality is good for mobiles but not for bigger devices.

DirecTV Now has good video quality on all platforms. The overall audio quality is also good across all platforms.

In the case of Audio and video quality DirecTV Now is better as compared to Sling TV.

Comparison of other features:

  • Sling TV has huge on-demand content. The access to this content will depend on which package you choose. On the other DirecTV does not have much on-demand content but we cannot ignore one fact that it has HBO.
  • Sling TV gives Cloud DVR at $5 per month and with this, you get 50 hours of storage. DirecTV Now gives free Cloud DVR but that has just 20 hours of storage and you cannot upgrade it. Sling TV has more flexible recording rules as compared to DirecTV and it also allows better simultaneous streaming options as compared to DirecTV.
  • Sling TV offers a movie rental service but this is not available with DirecTV. Currently, both the service providers are not offering Pay per view service.
  • You can subscribe for 7 days sling trial offer.


Sling TV has an edge over DirecTV Now if you want to have budget plans. But if the content, audio, and video quality are more important than money then Directv emerges the winner. Overall it depends on your personal requirement.

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