How to Get CBS All Access Free Trial in 2020?

In today’s world, there is more stress and fatigue because of the work culture. And more often than not, we forget to enjoy our life. A great way to spend quality time with your family and give you a much needed break is to sit back and watch TV. But I tell you what, watching TV is outdated. Instead, live streaming services are on the rise that usually costs much lesser than cable TV and brings much more to the table. And that’s what I am going to layout for you in today’s article.

We’ll be discussing one of the most popular streaming services called CBS All Access. I am sure you’ve heard of it. And if not, let me explain.

What is CBS All Access?

It is an American subscription-based video streaming service that lets you watch your favorite TV shows, news, and sports all from one place. Apart from that, it also has some of the most interesting originals that can give you a good time. CBS All Access has literally thousands of on-demand shows available to watch including Big Bang Theory, Big Brother, Star Trek, The Good Fight, etc. Their originals include The Twilight Zone which is a fantastic piece you need to check out.

Benefits of CBS All Access Subscription:

There are A LOT of benefits to subscribing to a video streaming service. Not even kidding! Whoever tells you that entertainment like watching your favorite shows is a waste of time, please don’t listen to them.

Entertainment is as important as work and you need to balance them well. Here are some of the benefits of subscribing to CBS All Access:

  • Watch your favorite shows/sports/news on-demand or live (whenever available)
  • Explore CBS All Access originals and bring a new taste
  • Watch your favorite movies from the huge library
  • A great way to relax and enjoy your time
  • Works well on multiple devices and not just traditional TV

With the subscription, you can even stream videos right from your phone or laptop. It’s pretty flexible. However, you need to have a good internet connection for no interruption between streaming.

Once you have that in place, you’re good to go.

How To Get CBS All Access Free Trial

Yes, you read that heading right. With all that awesomeness, CBS All Access went over the top and is offering a 1-week free trial for you to try it out at no cost. Once the free trial gets over, you’ll have the option to continue for $5.99/month or $9.99/month depending upon which plan you choose. You can also save 15% if you pay for the plans annually.

Here are the steps to claim your free 1 week trial:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Choose your desired plan depending upon whether you would like streaming with or without commercials in between.

Step 3: Once you select the plan, you’ll see this login page. Fill out your information.

Step 4: Now you’ll see this checkout page. Add the payment details of your desired card or even PayPal.

And done! You’ve successfully claimed 1 week free trial of CBS All Access. However, keep in mind if you don’t want to get charged money automatically, don’t forget to cancel the subscription under a week.


So that was a little handy guide on what CBS All Access is and how to claim your free trial. Be sure to kick your boredom and turn to video streaming for a better feeling in your day to day life. It is indeed a great way to kill time. I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading!

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