How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription?

Apple is the strongest and fresh contender in the world of streaming music but no one that stands head and shoulders above the rest.  Millions of people who used Apple signed up to the free service of Apple Music as a try. This service was going organized but they do involve with different controversies; once they are involved in a controversy about payment issues related to the famous pop star Taylor Swift.

Thereby, Apple has decided to discontinue this 3-months trial and launched new offers and services. Although, they have got tough competition from Spotify and Amazon Music, the fan following of Apple surpassing more than 60 million subscribers. However, many Apple users feel various complications related to this Music Trial and thereby they are looking to discontinue this process.

Different Process to Cancel Apple Music Subscription:

If you have recently signed up to Apple Music Trial, but aren’t willing to spend $9.99/month. However, if you are a student then you have to pay $4.99/month and you need to cancel this trial before six months. In order to avoid this monthly charge, you can cancel this trial package in the following methods-

1. Cancel Apple Music Subscription Via Itunes

We will display how you can easily cancel your Apple Music free trial through Itunes. You have to run that iTunes 12.2 or higher to cancel that Apple Music on PC or Mac. Apple has decided to discontinue this 3-months trial and launched new offers and services. You need to launch the app in Windows or in macOS (OS X) and sign in this account with Apple ID related to your Apple Music free Subscription. Thereafter, you need to select your account name in the iTune options toolbar. After scrolling down the menu you need to provide Account Info including account password.

Once your account info page has loaded, you need to find the ‘Settings’ option by scrolling down to the bottom. There you need to find out the ‘Subscription’ option and click on Manage. In this section of iTunes account enlist any recurring subscriptions which are related with your Apple ID, like subscriptions to unused Newsstand content. You should enter ‘Your Membership’ at the top list for this Apple Music. After doing all these, you need to select the Edit button. Here, you can see specifies membership and there your account is registered in your both family and individual plans.

You can get your next billing date from ‘Your Subscription’ Option. In terms of canceling the process for avoiding charges, you need to find out the ‘Automatic Renewal’ process and then click on ‘Off’. Thereafter, you can see an appearing box which will ask you to confirm your decision to turn off the auto renewal process of Apple Music Subscription. Thereafter, you will get a return to the ‘Your Membership’ page whether if you cannot see any auto renewal option, then it will indicate that your cancellation process has successfully done. However, if you want to enjoy the Apple Music Subscription once more time after cancelling the process then you need to do these following steps-

iTune > Account Info > Subscription > Manage > Apple Music Membership > Edit and then select ‘Subscribe’.

2. Cancel Apple Music Subscription in IOS

You can also cancel your Apple Music Subscription through IOS. Here, you don’t need to have any Mac or PC. You can easily access it through your iPhone, iPad Touch and iPad. If you want to do this, you need to go to Settings menu and then to App and iTunes Store and click on your Apple ID at top list. Then select the View Apple ID and provide your password when it asked you. Thereafter, on the page of Account Settings, you need to find out the ‘Subscription’ button and ‘Manage’ option.

Then, tap on the option of ‘Your Membership’ which is listed at the top of the page. There you get permission to change the option of Apple Music Subscription. This is almost similar to the iTune process to cancel the Apple Music Trials, whether you need to set it ‘Off’ the auto renewal option. However, here also you will be asked to confirm the whole process by clicking the Turn Off button.

There are many online streaming music listeners who have lost interest in Apple Music because they have more options and they have got tough competitors like Spotify and Amazon Music. However, you can also get return to the previous menu and again install this Apple Music Trial into your iPad and iPhone for your family and friends.

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