Best VPN For Smart TV – Easy Way to Download & Install

Suppose, you have bought a high-end smart TV to enjoy your favorite streams so that you don’t have to mess around your computer and a bunch of cables. Don’t you feel that something is still missing? Exactly, even with a smart TV, you cannot have access to all the contents. However, you should know that there is still a way to boundlessly stream any blocked or geo-restricted content. Excited? This can be done using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). We will let you know about some of the best VPN you can opt for your Smart TV. All our recommended VPNs suit well with almost all international brands. Stick with us till the end.

The Necessity to use VPN on Smart TV/ Chromebook:

If you have your smart TV, you must be aware that geo-block is one of the greatest drawbacks of enjoying streams. Leading streaming platforms, such as HBO Go or Netflix or Roku, offers huge content for its users. All the contents are specifically categorized. You can counter that, some of these contents come with a “not available in your country” tag when they are available in some other countries without any hassle. Another example for you, the streaming platform “Hulu” streams their contents specifically to Japan and the USA. Also, if you talk about Chromebook, VPN can help you protect your data from malware and hackers. It is a powerful machine, yet it does not let you access geo-restricted content. However, you can count on a VPN to help you access them all quite smoothly. VPNs, such as ExpressVPN helps you to securely connect to a suitable country by using a new IP address and thus digitally alternate your location. How cool is that? You should also know that a VPN can also help you experience zero-lag with your games, which is one of the most important aspects of experiencing high-end games.

Best VPN for Smart TV in 2020:

It is recommended to use ExpressVPN for your smart TV. Check out the important features you can enjoy with ExpressVPN.

  • 30-day money-back guarantee. Dazzled?
  • Securely accessing sites from anywhere in the world.
  • Lightning-fast HD streaming
  • Compatibility with most modern gadgets (including Nvidia Shield APK and Mi box).
  • If your smart TV does not support VPN, you can choose to use ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer services. Isn’t that rewarding?
  • You can use ExpressVPN for following devices_
  • Samsung smart TV
  • Amazon Fire TV and stick
  • Google Chrome cast
  • Apple TV
  • Android smart TV
  • Roku and many more.
  • Express VPN offers do not record your log data, maintaining your maximum privacy.
  • 99% average uptime. What else do you need?
  • It offers more than 145 servers distributed in 94 countries for you to choose from. This wide distribution makes it the top-notch choice for anyone.
  • You can switch servers boundlessly
  • 3 simultaneous connection
  • Most importantly, ExpressVPN offers 24*7 customer support.

You also need to know that, ExpressVPN offers both Monthly payment and Annual subscription options for its users. What are you waiting for?

Steps For Install VPN on Smart TV/Chromebook:

Let us inform you that you can set up your ExpressVPN with Samsung or LG smart TV by using this MediaStreamer service. Let’s take a look at the installation procedure of ExpressVPN for your smart TV _

  • First of all, you got to choose your DDNS hostname. It offers a fixed reference point, which helps ExpressVPN to authorize your device for accessing MediaStreamer. You can constantly use the service even if your IP address changes. For this, you need to visit and create an account there.
  • You have to put your email id as well, where you will receive all the verification emails.
  • After filling up the form, go to your mailbox and click on the verification mail to create your account.
  • After that, click on the Add button If you have your hostname, put the same in Option 2 and then click on the Add button. You should follow this procedure if you are not well acquainted with domain naming services.
  • If you do not have your hostname, enter a favorable hostname in Option 1 and then click on Add.
  • After this, you can get to see your public IP as well as your hostname.
  • However, you need to make sure that the option in the middle must be turned off. That’s all! Now, you just need to click on the save button. Also if you prefer to receive important notifications from Dynu, you can choose to turn on the email notification feature.
  • After you are done till now, you just have to set up the DDNS service on the router. You can redirect to for an in-depth guide for setup.

Check out the following procedure to register your hostname on

  • Sign in to ExpressVPN with email and password
  • From the roster in the left, select DNS setting
  • In the Dynamic DNS Registration section, put your hostname and then save your hostname.
  • After this, you will get a notification that the hostname has been updated. Keep your patience! It may take up to 10 minutes for your IP to be detected by ExpressVPN.

Things we should consider while buying a VPN:

Similar to a VPN service, smart TVs are also not the same. You should be aware that all the smart TVs out there in the market do not support VPN apps. As an example,  if you purchase an Android smart TV, you can use an android VPN application to pair with the TV. Done! You need to know that, most of the Samsung smart TVs are not compatible with VPNs. Therefore Samsung TVs are not recommended for unbounded streaming of restricted contents.

However, you also need to know that there is still a solution available if you do not get to use a VPN with your smart TV. You can get a VPN router. This can help you enjoy your favorite stream. Let’s get to know some of the important things to be considered while buying your VPN.

  • Fast speed: You definitely need to choose a VPN that scores maximum in the speed tests. VPNs often make your streams buffer.
  • Compatibility: As stated before, you need to make sure that your smart TV supports all VPN. Otherwise, you will have to opt for a VPN router.
  • Strong security: VPN for smart TV is not necessary to be very strong in the security aspect, yet it is necessary to have a powerful encryption system that can offer you ultimate privacy. Express VPN can offer you maximum security with a guarantee.
  • Useful Features: You need to seek for VPN that offer helpful applications so that you can do the necessary research on your smart TV

Since you have come to know about all the necessities to look for in your VPN, you can surely say that ExpressVPN takes the top spot in VPN for smart TV.

Final Words!!!

ExpressVPN is our highest recommendation for all your devices, including smart TVs. you can use ExpressVPN simultaneously for five devices just with a single subscription. If you want to cover more devices, you have options to purchase additional licenses as well. For maximum devices, it is better to buy a VPN router. The industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption and no log record along with 30-day money-back policy make ExpressVPN the best service provider for your smart TV.

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