Best VPN 2020 – List of Top Ranked VPN

First, you need to know what a VPN is. VPN or Virtual private data network is one of the encrypted connections which connect to the internet to a network from a particular device. This connection helps to confirm that the sensitive data is transmitted safely. This encryption prevents trespassers from unwanted traffic and allows all the users to conduct their job remotely. This technology is popular among corporate people and the corporate environment.

Today you can find a lot of VPN providers in the market but you need to choose the best one for your network. Consuming the best one you also need to know the features and facilities provided by the providers. We suggest you look at the comparison among some Virtual private data network providers.

You need to know about some aspects of VPN:

  1. ZenMate
  2. FastestVPN
  3. IPVanish
  4. PureVPN
  5. IvacyVPN

List of Best VPN 2020 – Features

1. ZenMate VPN



● You can get more than 30 server locations
● ZenMate provides 30 money back guarantee to you
● You can get 7 days free trial tariff
● The traffic is completely encrypted with AES 256 bit system.
● You can avail internet Kill Switches
● It provides malware blocking facility
● There is a strict no logging policy in the network
● ZenMate provides connection up to 5 simultaneous devices.
● IPv6 and DNS protection system available
● The network supports: Windows, Android, macOS, Chrome, iOS, Opera, routers, Firefox
● You can get their services only $2.05 to $9.99 per month

2. FastestVPN


● The network is based on Cayman Islands10 and multi login facility
● It provides you 15 days money back facility.
● FastestVPN provides more than 30 servers in more than 30 countries
● Its custom made the routers
● It has an internet kill switch
● It has IPv6 and DNS leak protection
It is not the end!
● It provides you strictly no logging policy
● Secure by AES 256-bit encryption
● Fastest VPN has NAT Firewall
● By using this VPN you can access 10 different connections simultaneously.
● It supports the operating system: Windows, Android, MacOS, iOS, Firefox, Linux, Kodi, routers and Fire Stick
● All these services you can get only from $1 to $10 per month and $80 for a lifetime plan

3. IPVanish


● You can get 10 multi logins by this network
● The facility split tunneling is also provided by IPVanish
● It works in SOCKS5 web proxy system
● The company provided 7 days cash back guarantee.
● It provides more than 40K shared IPs, 1,300+ VPN servers in more than 78 different locations
● IPVanish unblocks the Netflix US
● It is mainly US-based VPN service provider
● It works AES 256 bit system
● The provider has an Internet Kill switch
● It also has IPv6 and DNS leak protection
● Along with others IPVanish also has a strong no logging policy
● You can connect 10 different devices simultaneously.
● It supports the operating system: Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Fire TV, Linux, routers and Chrome OS.
● The services you get just $7 to $10 per month only.
Isn’t it exciting enough!

4. PureVPN


● Pure VPN provides offers their server which is mainly antivirus protected.
● It certified the no-logging policy to its customers. certified
● The server has a special split tunneling features.
● The provider offers you 31 day cash back guaranteed period.
● The service provider works more than 180 locations with 2000 plus servers and more than 300k IPs
● This VPN provider is based mainly in Hong Kong
● AES 256-bit
● It has Internet Kill-Switch features.
● Its strong DNS and IPv6 leak protection can able to protect your network.
● The PureVPN has strong no logging policy to prevent trespassers
● You can connect 5 multiple devices at a time
● PureVPN provides its services on Windows, Android, Linux, macOS, iOS
● It offers you to access their server through Chrome, Raspberry Pi, Firefox, Amazon FireStick, Android TV, PlayStation
● For consuming their server you need to pay from $3.33 up to $10.95 per month

5. Ivacy VPN


● Ivacy VPN has DDoS attack protection features that are strong enough.
● It has a split tunneling facility.
● IvacyVPN supports various platforms like Android, Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS
● The service provider offers cash back policy for a monthly plan in 7 days and 30days for the annual plans
● It provides 1000 plus multiple servers over 100 plus different locations among their regions.
● The traffic is completely protected with AES 256 bit encryption.
● You can connect 5 multiple devices at a time through a single connection.
● It has an internet kill switch to protect your data transmission.
● The service provider is a Singaporean company and designed its security plan with updated technologies.
● The Ivacy VPN provides a strong no logging policy for its customers.
● It has strong DNS and IPv6 leak protection shield
● You can get their services from $1.33 to $9.95 only a monthly basis.

How does a VPN work?

A virtual private network extends the network of a corporate house through an encrypted connection via the internet. The traffic remains private because the encryption connects the device and network security. An employee can able to work outside the office premises and still connect with a corporate network securely. Not only a laptop or computer can connect through a VPN, but even Smartphone holders can also connect through this. It routing the internet connection of your device through the chosen server. When you transfer data to the internet, it always comes from your VPN, not from your computer.

This process secures data transmission without anybody’s interference. It also keeps your IP address private to protect your identity. Further, we like to know you that, if your data intercepted anyhow and anywhere, VPN will be completely unreadable until it reaches its final destination. The most interesting thing about VPN is, it creates a tunnel that is completely private to hide your data during transmission.

From the above chart, we can suggest that ZenMate is one of the best VPN service providers for 2020. Not only that, we think it the best Virtual private data network of the market. Their services and approaches of the company are really very attractive and beneficial to you. We are trying to provide the essential data of the service provider to know their overall details. ZenMate is a German VPN service provider. They provide some standalone apps which are comparatively easy for lots of different operating systems.  You can download the VPN app for your Windows, Google Chrome, Android, Opera, iOS and Firefox.

The service providers also allow the OpenVPN, by which you can use the application on any smart device which can able to run through VPN technology. Their official site provides you various tutorial materials that help you to install the application and run its operation from any supported platforms. ZenMate’s customer care wings are very well designed and organized. You can get any kind of service-related help from them without facing any haze.

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Factors to Choose the Best VPN:


ZenMate optimized its speed tactfully. All servers are run properly with proper speed. This facility allows keeping the VPN always enabled without any speed fluctuation. The customers who are already connected with ZeMate are happy with its speed and they said, the servers of ZenMate are pretty, fast and stable enough.


ZenMate provides lots of features to their customers. They designed their service mainly for non-tech users. They allow easy and fast installation without getting any complex. From the list of features we saw that their 6 enough strong features and they are :

  1. The strong malware blocking system
  2. IPv6 leak protection
  3. DNS leak protection
  4. Strong internet kill switch
  5. NAT firewall
  6. OpenVPN facility

Along with the strong guard wall, ZenMate provides you some special features. These special features always make them special among the several service providers of the market. It provides 7 days free trial period to you before consuming their VPN. We emphasize their special features below.

Cash-back guarantee

The service provider ZenMate usually offers a cash back guarantee for a 30 days period. This is one of the most popular refund strategies of the company.

Unblock the Steaming services

ZenMate does not claim to unblock the streaming services like Hulu or Netflix. There are no any plans which support these kinds of features. If you want to look VPN streaming services we suggest you to kindly check their other options and then move your further step.

Amount of servers

The service provider ZenMate offers a number of servers list. You can get more than 30 server locations in several countries. It helps you to work a job with a different country’s partner.

Security features

They offer well-known mechanisms in the field of security purposes. ZenMate offers AES 256 bit encryption to control its traffic. The standard built-in malware blocking protecting your network with strong IP fingerprinting features. You can feel relaxed by using the ZenMate VPN service because it is very strict for no logging system. Nobody can access your network or traffic data if they do not allow.

Pricing plans

The pricing plan of ZenMate is cheaper than any other VPN provider. If you purchase two year plan you need to pay only $ 2.05 for a monthly cost. The monthly plan is only $ 9.99 and a yearly plan is only $ 47.88 which is very low than other providers.

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