Best Streaming Devices in 2020

Are you hunting for the best streaming devices in the market? If yes this article will help you. Get to buy the best streaming device in the market and get over those lags of the cable TV network and set-top box connections! This article highlights 7 best streaming devices, along with the price of each streaming device mentioned. One of the main reasons why you should buy the best streaming device is because of the content it provides you with. A cable network would include unwanted advertisements that are not wanted by subscribers of the cable TV network or even those using the set-top box connection for TV. However, media streaming device is all about content!

Benefits of Using Streaming Device:

1. Better Remotes and User-friendly interfaces

One of the definite reasons we all want a streaming device is the level of control and user interface available. Earlier, cable TV network was done or even the Set-top box connection, where the signal s collected by the cable towers, would be transmitted into the hardware of the TV onto the screen. However, this is not the case of media streaming devices. The best streaming device implements the use of creativity in virtual network computing (VNC) to provide its customers with the entire best interface as possible. It results in the best streaming device. This means a better operation of the user interface anywhere you go. Use of best streaming devices when connected to the screen allows you to control your channels with a better remote, which you may not have to bang with hands to get it to work!

2. Presence of several Apps

The best streaming device comes with several applications. Usually, when you opt for a cable TV network or a set-top box connection, you need to browse the cable menu or the TV screen menu to choose your desired TV show! But that is so not the case for media streaming devices! Media streaming devices like Roku Ultra comes with several applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Daily Motion, which allows you to choose your choice of episodes and videos.

3. Less and Less junkware on device

Modern software engineering involved in the best streaming device leads you to reduce latency due to bloatware. When you use a cable TV network, you often come across broken lines. This is all due to the presence of bloatware results in reduced refresh rate and latency in the device. However, the best streaming device like Android TV does not rely on batteries, needed for seeing to bloatware due to attacks on connectivity. So, less bloatware means, less junkware in your device and better user experience!

4. Get your hardware updated

Another reason for which you should choose the best streaming device any day over cable TV networks is the adaptive updating of hardware! Like any Smartphone device, these media streaming devices to let you update the hardware of your device. So whether your TV is new or four years old or being used for ten years in a row, using the best streaming device will improve your user experience and take it to another level altogether.

Best Streaming Devices in 2020:

1. Amazon All Fire TV Cube

Amazon All Fire TV cube is by far the best streaming device you can ever come across! This media streaming device is the fastest and most powerful of the Fire TV product series and comes with Alexa app synchronization. The streaming device comes with a compatible Soundbar and is designed to see to your privacy when using video streaming services! The remote control lets you control the channels and dive straight into your favorite channel without too much universal timing spent on menu browsing.

Its switch inputs let you switch channels easily letting you switch between watching your favorite episode to watching the live big game on the screen. It comes with eight microphones letting your experience better surround sound anywhere. Moreover, the Alexa Voice Remote included in the package lets you give voice commands, to straight away go to your favorite channel. Using this best streaming device lets you choose from over 500,000 4K movies all from the apps included in the device. This video streaming device is designed to give you services beyond streaming letting you create the home theatre experience. The Hexacore processor and the Dolby Atmos audio technology lets you enjoy the streaming service you get from this device. What’s more, it comes with 16GB storage, letting you download movies and watch them offline, all for the price of 119.99 USD!

2. Roku Streaming Stick+

A plug-in that Roku Streaming Stick+ in your television to get the best experience of using the best streaming device in daily life! Using this streaming device at home lets you enjoy those backyard movie nights at your home! This media streaming device is known for its high-performance portability and brilliant picture quality. It is the closest alternative you can come across to Amazon All Fire TV Cube, all due to its voice controls available with Alexa remote system!

This is the best streaming device for all those YouTube TVs and YouTube Premium users out there. Using this video streaming device lets you enjoy endless entertainment, be it sports, live news or even those 4K movies. Get the best picture quality with 4K or HD or HDR video selection. The Alexa voice control remote which comes with the kit is very much snappy, quick and responsive. Simply get connected to the internet to enjoy joys of streaming with its several apps that come with the device. All for the price of 47.86USD! However, if you plan to ship this to another country then you have to pay an extra 32.97USD for the shipment of the product.

3. Roku Ultra

This is by far, the best streaming device that Roku web streaming company has up with to provide video streaming services to all its subscribers. This is for all those web streaming service users who wish to enjoy the benefits of the Roku Streaming Stick+ with the improved speed! This streaming device comes with brilliant picture quality, be it a High Definition picture or one with High Definition Resolution (HDR) or 4K visual imagery. This media streaming device lets you engage in free streaming service be it for watching your favorite shows on TV or catching up with the live or recorded news in daily life.

Using this best streaming device lets you take control of your TV. No more junkware, no more bloatware, and increased latency! Using this streaming device lets you search across channels through the various present apps. Not only this, it is fully loaded with bells and whistles. This feature of the streaming device lets you find your remote if you think you lost the same at home. Not only this, the media streaming device comes with USB and Ethernet connection ports letting you engage in the joys of the ultimate connection. Moreover, the Micro SD ports which come with this best streaming device, allows you to watch various streaming alternatives like Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, and Roku channel, all for the price of 72.67 USD. The only flaw in this streaming device is the costly price of the product and the lack of Dolby Vision HDR.

4. Roku Express

Wish to enjoy high-speed streaming at the cheapest pricing? Then Roku Express is the best streaming device for you. This video streaming device is very easy to use and set up making it highly user-friendly and have an easy user interface. It lets you enjoy the use of tons of power gets immense fun simply by free streaming through your favorite channels online. It comes with 4K basic resolution and the picture quality can be upgraded in the settings from HR to HDR quality. Its simple remote is rather easy to use, adding on to its easy user interface.

The streaming device comes with HDMI connectivity and up to 1080pHD video resolution. It also supports DTS Digital surround, Dolby Audio, and Dolby Atmos sound quality. This is the best streaming device if you wish to enjoy free streaming in free channels like Sky News, My 5, and Pluto TV. However, you even get to enjoy top streaming from apps like Netflix, Prime Video and BBC iPlayer. It comes with pre-set channel shortcut buttons and high-speed HDMI cable letting you even use the device for private listening over a mobile phone. All of this comes for the price of 29.99 USD, which is cheaper than Roku streaming devices.

5. Nvidia Shield TV Pro

Get the best streaming services with Nvidia Shield TV Pro! You can say it is the best of the best. This media streaming device is the world’s best streaming device when it comes to real-time video streaming services. This media streaming device comes with 2 USB connectivity ports letting you stay connected with the Ethernet network services. It has 3 GB RAM a total of 16 GB internal storage allowing you to download several videos and engage in streaming offline! So no more relying on an internet connection to watch your favorite episodes now!

This best streaming device comes with inbuilt Plex Media and Dolby Atmos surround sound. So you get to not only get into web streaming at home but also make your living room into a home theatre. If you wish for a media streaming device with the best built-in design, this is the best streaming device for you. Nvidia Streaming TV Pro involves the use of AC and Wi-Fi connection along with 5.0 Bluetooth to provide you with total control in choosing your type of connectivity. Using this best streaming device lets you enjoy unlimited entertainment from its apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu and Disney+ streaming services. The device comes with a voice control system, letting you take total control of your commands. So, all Google users get to use Google assistant synced with this product to dive in straight to the desired channel without much trouble of browsing the menu.

6. Apple TV 4K

For all Apple fans, it is time to use the best streaming device of your choice – Apple TV 4K. This best streaming device comes with 4K dynamic range and Dolby digital quality surround sound. Its A10FX fusion chips see to the ultrafast performance of the streaming device and its app store has several streaming apps to download such as Netflix, Hulu, and iTunes. Moreover, it comes with SiriRemote which lets you engage in voice control and watch videos and images from you mobile phone engaging in the use of smart technology and it comes with 32 GB memory storage which goes up to 64GB allowing you to download and store many videos and record and store live games and news for watching later on in your free time.

7. Google Chromecast

Get to stream on with Google Chromecast (3rd Generation)! This best streaming device weighs 1.41 ounces and is simple to set up providing an easy user experience. However, since it is dependent on other apps for the user interface, it lacks a proper user interface. This streaming device lets you control your TV from whichever place you are showing its large distance connectivity. Using this best streaming device makes your TV smarter than cable networks. Simply enjoy seamless streaming and watch your latest episodes on streaming apps without browsing the menu now. All for the price of 35 USD!


1Q. What is a streaming device?

Ans: This is also called as a streaming media player. It is something that connects your television or as you commonly call it as TV to allow you to engage in web streaming for videos and create that home theatre experience at your home. Roku streaming players and Apple TV are good brands of streaming devices to name a few.

2Q. What to look for in a media streaming device?

Ans: Before buying any media streaming device you need to identify your main goal behind choosing the streaming device. Trust me, there are several streaming devices available in the market, from sound streaming to video streaming to web streaming ones and without deciding what you want out of your media streaming device, it will put you in a major fix before the retailer. So decide that first. Once you have decided, say that you want a web streaming device, you should watch out for the sound quality, the type of visual imagery, connectivity, storage, and connectivity range of the device. You should even check out if it comes with a remote control or an app control device and if it includes some apps or not.


To sum it all up, it is better to use streaming devices for upgrading our TV user experience or even when watching our smart TV for avoiding too much junk, saving time and engaging in seamless unbroken user experience. There are several media streaming devices that are available in the market. However, the choice of the best streaming device depends on what you wish to get from your video streaming device. Consider these seven best streaming device when you go hunting and buy that one streaming device for your home theatre experience in the market. So, get ready to buy and dig in the use of the best streaming device right now.

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