Best VPN For Roku (Fast & Secure)

Hey, are you getting bored without browsing any online stream channel? Have no idea how to fix this problem? Then, don’t worry because we are with you to resolve this problem with the help of a VPN service. Through this process, you can install a VPN in your Roku device to continue live streaming channels like Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and many more.

However, we are going to highlight the necessity of VPN for your device and we will also discuss the top ranked VPN for Roku. Moreover, you will also get now how to install this VPN service in your device and also provide the purchasing measurement before buying your VPN.

Importance of VPN for Roku:

We have the understanding that there are many important activities performed by Roku through an internet connection. Therefore, there is a numerous chance of online threats or online monitoring. Moreover, do you know there is an immense chance by a group of people who are engaging with online phishing activities? They are the primary threats for your device and its personal information. Not only that! You can also get a scope of different threats like Malware, Trojans, Ransomware, Man in the Middle (MitM), Spear Phishing. Hereby, we must recommend you to use a VPN for protecting your device from online threats. It will also provide you an effective web browsing by increasing the network speed.

Best VPN for Roku:

There are a number of VPN services available in the market which are compatible with different android OS and iOS versions. Though there are plenty of choices for the Roku device we will recommend you go for PureVPN services to get the complete package from a VPN service provider. Thereby, we have minutely delineated the details of these VPN services.


  • It has its own apps and software; therefore, you don’t need to find another way to get its application.
  • This VPN service will provide you high speed internet connection as it has more than 2,000 servers spread over 141 countries. Therefore, it will make your internet browsing smooth and hassle free.
  • Moreover, it will enable you to access all servers with just a single package.
  • This VPN will permit you to transfer unlimited data for making your browsing spontaneous and with the help of this VPN, you can get 99.99% uptime speed.
  • Do you know this is the most compatible VPN among the list whether it is compatible with more than 20 devices like iOS, Linux, Windows, Android and many more?
  • This is not the end! You can work with 5 multi login connection with a single account. Moreover, you can have the opportunity for unlimited switching of servers.
  • In terms of security measurement you can get the finest data encryption technique. It makes sure that no hackers, malware and data snoopers can penetrate your internet access virtually.
  • You can have the security of multiple protocols along with a split tunneling facility to ensure the full proof safety of your every single data.

Installation Process of VPN on Roku:

Hey do you want a threat free super speed network access? Then, you need to install a VPN for your Roku device. However, one thing may disappoint you that there is no in build VPN configuration ability. In this aspect, there must have a virtual router or a router that allows the VPN service. Not only that! If you want to access the American contents then you also need to create a US account. Hey is it sounds a little complicated? Don’t worry we will instruct you to follow some basic steps to connect your Roku device with a VPN.

VPN set up process for your Router:

  1. At first, on your VPN’s website, you need to login to your account.
  2. Thereafter, in terms of connecting the server location, you need to download the manual files of OpenVPN configuration. Here, you need to provide a username and password.
  3. Then, you must navigate it to the control panel of your router.
  4. Login it with your given router credentials or by providing a username and password.
  5. You need to select the VPN option under Advanced Settings.
  6. Thereafter, you need to select the Add Profile from the VPN client tab.
  7. After, these above mentioned steps you will have the option to fill all the necessary information-
  • In ‘description’ box, you should provide your VPN connection name.
  • In ‘Username’ box, you need to provide the username which you have given by your VPN server.
  • Then provide the password to proceed further.
  • After that, you should find the file of OpenVPN to download it and click over ‘upload’.
  1. At the end of this process, you need to click ‘OK’ and thereafter on the ‘Activate’ button to activate it. Throughout this process, you can install your router to develop the further installation process.

US Account set up to Access US Content

Before, say anything if you already have a US account, then you can skip this part. At first, choose a device to get the connection with US VPN server-

  1. From the very beginning open the browser and go for the Roku Configuration-section.
  2. Usually setup an account, in terms of reaching the country section you need to set it up to US.
  3. Thereafter, incorporate a zip-code of America.
  4. Press the Reset button and hold it for 15 seconds to reset your Roku device.
  5. When you can see your Roku has restarted, then you can log in by your all new US Roku credentials.

Establish a connection between Roku and an installed VPN:

  • From the very beginning go to the ‘settings’ option and then to ‘Network
  • Then select ‘Wireless’ (Wi-Fi) from the menu of ‘Network
  • Thereafter select the router among the list of ‘Choose your network
  • In the end, provide your password and then click on ‘Connect’ to complete the process.

After completing all the essential procedure you can have the opportunity to establish the VPN connection and it will make you ready to browse the whole Roku library. Here, you can find all US contents by clicking a few buttons on your remote.

Things to remember while purchasing VPN

Hey, are you looking to purchase a VPN service for your Roku device? Then you need to follow a couple of important factors that will help you to buy the best VPN service. However, we have enlisted these key factors which you keep in your mind while purchasing your VPN-.

  • It must have complete security like DNS leak, a kill switch and split tunneling.
  • You need to check the number of the server to ensure the high speed connection rate
  • It will be great if you have any money refund guarantee or the free trial version with the VPN.
  • Not only that! You also should check the number of support connection for each account. Moreover, P2P support and unlimited bandwidth are really necessary for your VPN service.
  • You also need to keep in mind that you can have the support of 24/7 customer service and moreover, you need to take care of the fact that you can get a free trial version at least for a couple of days.
  • Not only that! You also can choose your VPN on the basis of a money refund guarantee system.

Final Words:

Throughout, the discussion we can come to the point that a VPN service is really essential for your Roku device. In terms of security measurement and enhancement of internet speed, a VPN works comprehensively. Thereby, you should go for a VPN to assure your device’s protection. Hence, we will recommend you to choose a VPN from the above and follow our instructions to install the VPN in your device.

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