Top 100 Best Movies to Watch on Netflix in 2020

Netflix is a big name in global internet streaming Television having plenty of movies and documentaries, including some of their Netflix original content. It takes a long time exploring many tiles one after another only if you don’t know what exactly you want.

So, Here is a list of movies streaming on Netflix that are a must-watch for every cinema lover.

Top 100 Best Movies on Netflix

Top 10 Best Movies to Watch on Netflix:

Rachel Getting Married (2008 Drama)- An emotional Story of a woman who returns home from the rehabilitation center for her sister’s wedding causing resurfacing of the long lost family tensions.

13th (2016, History/Crime )- Named after the 13th amendment in the constitution of the United States ending slavery. It consists of racial inequality and how slavery affected minorities in the USA like imbalanced prison sentences for African-Americans.

Panic Room (2002, Drama)- Mother and daughter hide inside a room when burglars invade their house. Tense situations occur when the burglars want something which is inside that same room.

Coco (2017, Animated Fantasy/mystery)- This film plays a tune set in Mexico where a small boy and his love for music takes him to the land of the dead and he discovers about his great-grandfather who was a legendary singer.

Mother! (2017, Drama/mystery)- A man becomes an unexpected guest to a woman and her husband one night. Her wife and sons also follow him. Things turn ugly when the wife finds out why her husband is accommodating everyone.

Once Upon a Time in America (1984, Drama/Crime) – a former gangster of prohibition era returns New York after self exile. Films show his past and him trying amending for his mistakes.

Amy (2015, Music/Biography)- An Oscar winning documentary featuring the life and career of singer/ songwriter Amy Winehouse with archival footage and personal testimonials.

Schindler’s list (1993, Drama)- Based on novel this film tells about a Nazi officer and industrialists who tries to save Jews from persecution and concentration camps.

A Separation (2011, Drama/Mystery) – Oscar winning film showing separation of a couple because wife wants to move out of country but husband is reluctant and how it affects those who surround them.

Groundhog Day (1993, Drama/Fantasy) – a weatherman finds himself reliving the same day over and over again. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018, Drama/Comedy)- it is an anthology of six short stories that takes place in post civil war era and settling of the west.

Blade Runner 2049 (2017, Fantasy/Mystery)- A police officer goes in search of a missing blade runner in future. Reviewed as one of the greatest sci-fi classic films.

American Psycho (2000, Slasher/Drama) – An investment banker hides his psychopathic ego which escalates later and turns into uncontrollable blood lust.

The Aviator (2004, Drama) – A biopic of legendary director and Aviator Howard Hughes played by Leonardo DiCaprio showing early years of his life and career.

Pulp Fiction (1994 Drama/Crime)- a series of events closely connecting the lives of two gangsters, a wife, a boxer and two small time criminals. Non linear storyline.

About a Boy (2002, Comedy/Drama)- An Oscar nominated script and adopted from a novel this film tells the story of a man who learns life lessons after he befriends a young boy.

Now and Then (1995, Drama)- Four childhood friends reunite after years for their friend’s childbirth and goes on a nostalgic journey to their teenage life which made them what they are now.

Jackie Brown (1997, Drama/Mystery) – an airhostess is caught smuggling money and guns and has to choose between going to jail or reveal about his boss helping cops.

Psycho (1960, Drama/Horror)- a girl disappears and her lover and sister try to find her only to meet Norman bait who is a psycho serial killer.

Superbad (2007, Comedy)- it is a story of two boys who want to enjoy their life and lose their virginity before high school. However, they fall prey to troubles later.

Bachelorette (2012, Romance/Comedy)- Three bridesmaid accidentally ruin their friends wedding gown and went on a mission to find the replacement ending up with a night of booze, drugs, and clubbing.

Spiderman(2018, Animated/Fantasy)- a boy poses power of Spiderman after bitten by a spider. He meets Peter Parker and learn about more Spidermans and fight villains saving the planet.

Across the Universe (2007, Drama/Fantasy)- an upper class American girl suddenly starts feeling love for underprivileged Liverpudlian artists amidst riding the popularity of Beatles and Vietnam war.

Avengers Infinity War (2018, Sci-Fi/Fantasy)- The avengers have to stop a mad titan Thanos from getting all the infinity stones or he will destroy half of the world.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009 animated sci-fi/ Fantasy ) – an inventor creates a satellite which turns water into food but lands into trouble and had to stop his satellite when large chunks of food become a horror for the people.

Wild (2014 Drama/History)- a divorced woman decides to start a new life trekking along Pacific crest. As she progresses along, she begins to discover herself

Mystic River (2003, Drama / Mystery)- Based on a novel, After the death of a man’s daughter, police officer investigates the case and unravels a crime which took place twenty five years ago.

Black Panther (2018, Fantasy/Sci-fi)- A prince inherited the throne after his father’s death and defeats a powerful enemy who also claims of the throne and nation.

Rain Man (1988, Drama/Melodrama)- Charlie finds his autistic brother he never knew he had and goes on a road trip to save his drowning business Exploring the connection between the two.

All the President’s Men (1976, Drama/Mystery)- This film is a political thriller about two reporters who unraveled Watergate scandal which had brought down the presidentship of Richard M. Nixon.

Gangs Of New York (2002, Crime/Drama)- A man tries to avenge the death of his father who was killed in a gang fight by a crime lord and ends up getting caught in a civil war.

Moonlight (2016, Drama) – an African American boy finds guidance under a drug dealer who teaches him to make his own way of life making a lasting impression on him.

Spotlight (2015, Drama /Crime)- the film revolves around 4 journalists who are pushed to carry out an investigation against a Catholic church on a charge of child abuse and molestation.

Rocky (1976, Drama/Sport) – Rocky, a small-time boxer gets to fight world heavyweight champion to earn respect and glory but unaware of the tough task ahead of him.

Blue Valentine (2010, Drama) – A married couple with a daughter are attempting to save their falling marriage. They try to get hold and make sense of their relationship.

Roma (2018, Drama)- a domestic worker helps a couple to take care of their four children. The husband runs away and the wife takes children on a vacation for family Bonding and clears her mind.

American Honey (2016, Drama / Romance) – an adolescent girl from troubled family runs away with a traveling sales crew finding her feet into a gang of teenagers she discovers herself more.

The Conjuring (2013, Horror/Mystery)- a family moves into a farmhouse discovering paranormal activity and asking for help from demonologist ed and Lorraine Warren.

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981, Fantasy/Action) – Indiana Jones is on a journey to find the lost ark of the covenant which is desired by many people facing oppose from Nazis.

Sully: Miracle of Hudson (2016, Drama)- a US pilot makes an emergency landing on the Hudson River after being hit by a flock of birds however investigation proves fatal for his career.

Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994, Drama Romance)- A good natured introvert discovers his love for a lady while attending the wedding of his 4 friends and one funeral.

Boyhood (2014, Drama) – a 3 hour drama shooter over a course of 12 years revolves around a young boy who grows to the age of Texas.

A.I. Artificial intelligence (2001 Fantasy/Drama)- a highly advanced robot boy embarks on a journey to become a human child to regain long lost love of his foster mother.

Inglorious Bastards (2009, Drama/Action)- Jewish soldiers are on a mission to bring down war and Nazi government and a woman who is to avenge the death of his family from a Nazi officer.

Taxi Driver (1976, Mystery/Crime)- an ex-marine and Vietnam war veteran drives a taxi and one day is driven to save a prostitute from his pimp and cleaning corruption from the city.

I am Mother (2019, Drama/Thriller) – a girl is raised by a robot mother designed to repopulate the earth and bond is tested when a stranger comes with an alarming news.

Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1974, Drama/Comedy)- The story revolves around a widow who travels with her son across South West America in search of a better life.

Burn After Reading (2008, Crime/Drama)- two gym trainers find a CD of a CIA Agent which they try to sell back but when failed tries to sell it to Russian embassy.

As Good As It Gets (1997, Drama / Romance)- A writer’s neighbor dies and he is forced to take care of his dog. He falls in love with a waitress and three of them forms a strong bond.

National Treasure (2004, Thriller/Action)- A man seeks a war chest which was hidden during the revolutionary wars. He must find it before his competitor avoiding arrest from the FBI.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975, Fantasy/Adventure)- it is a send up of the legend of King Arthur and his knights who went on a quest for the holy grail.

Triple Frontier (2019, Drama/Thriller) – A group of Ex-Soldiers hatch a plan to steal from a drug baron from South America and things got messy.

The Princess and the Frog (2009, Fantasy/Romance)- Animated film where a young waitress embarks on an adventure after her kiss with the frog prince who cannot wait to be human.

Carol (2015, Drama/Romance)- A young woman who works at departmental store finds attraction and unspoken passion for an older lady Carol and sets out a road trip with her.

Bonnie and Clyde (1967, Crime/Reality)- Based on a true story of Bonnie Parker and Clyde barrow, a famous duo and a couple in the crime world.

Snowpiercer (2013, Fantasy/Thriller)- post Earth’s second ice age, a group of survivors stay on a train that pierces through snow and the poor people on train try to take over the engine room.

The Third Man (1950, Drama /Mystery)- a man investigates into his friend’s death leading him to uncover corruption in post-world war II Vienna.

The Great Hack (2019 / Documentary)- This is based on how a data company named Cambridge Analytica symbolize the dark side of social media in wake of 2016 U.S. presidential elections.

Road House (1989, Thriller/Action)- a bouncer comes to restore order at a bar but runs foul to a crime boss who controls the town.

Casting JonBenet (2017, Documentary)- The film is about an unsolved case of a murder of a little girl in Colorado and it’s a lasting impact on the local residents.

Brick (2005, Drama / Mystery)- man received a call from his girlfriend and after that, she died. Man tries to solve the murder by venturing into the past and learns about some unknown mystery.

About Time (2013, Drama/Fantasy)- a man possesses the power to travel in time and gets advice from his father to pursue his love interest in a young woman.

Gremlins (1984, Fantasy / Horror) – A boys received a pet as a gift from his father but with three instructions. However, he couldn’t follow them and lands into horrific conditions.

Always be my Maybe (2019, Romance/Comedy)- Childhood friends bump into each other after 15years and old romantic spark resurfaces all over again.

Philadelphia ( 1993, Drama) – a lawyer has AIDS and hides his homosexualities from his employer but later dismissed and hires another homophobic lawyer for suit against wrongful dismissal.

Dallas Buyers Club ( 2013, Drama/History)- A cowboy who is infected with AIDS find out a banned drug that can help patients and decides to smuggle it to those who are in need.

Burning (2018, Drama/Mystery)- A man watches a Cat of her neighbour while she is away and comes back to introduce him to a man she met on her trip who later tell about his hobby.

Ralph Breaks the Internet ( 2018, Animated/Fantasy/adventure)- Ralph and vanellope travel to the world of the internet to save a video game and explore the online culture and take help from netizens.

The Witch (2015, history/ mystery)- In the 17th century, a family sets up a farm by a huge forest where no other family lives and finds themselves haunted later.

Birdbox ( Drama/Thriller)-A mysterious force kills people if they see them and hence a women and her children embarks a journey blindfolded to find sanctuary far away.

Mean Streets (1973, Drama/Thriller)- Small town man gets a loan over his head and take help from a friend to free himself from the debt by criminal activities.

The Edge of Seventeen ( 2016, Drama/ Comedy)- A girl in her highschool is struggling to get growing up and gets in a friendship with a teen giving her glimmer and hope for life.

Cabaret (1972, Drama)- A cabaret dancer of a club falls in love with two men who are regular toh her club and their lives join with the Nazi party which is growing in power.

Short Term 12 ( 2013, Drama)- a young counsellor at care unit for at risk teens loses her cool when some of the unruly residents reminds her of abuses from past and present.

The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2015, Thriller/Horror)- A troubled young woman reaches an isolated school where two students are facing threat from an unseen evil power.

Dirty Dancing (1987, Romance)- A man is smitten by a dance instructor while on a holiday with his parents but his father opposes the relationship.

20th Century Women (216, Drama/Comedy)- A determined single mother in her 50’s takes help from two women from her neighbourhood for proper upbringing of her son.

The Fighter (2010, Drama/Sport)- A struggling boxer teams up with his older brother who is a drug addict to get his career back on track.

Caddyshack (1980, Sport/Comedy)- A rich man wants to turn a golf course into a new property development but is opposed by the club’s president focusing of many antics.

The Graduate (1967, Drama/Romance)- A recent college graduate falls for the wife of his father’s business partner and her daughter simultaneously.

Room ( 2015, Drama/Thriller)- Being held in captivity for years, A mother and her little son finally managed to escape from their kidnappers and gain their freedom.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (218, Drama/Teen)- A high Schools girls world turns upside down when her private love letters that she wrote for her crushes gets delivers to the original recipients.

Carrie (1976, Drama/Thriller)- Seventeen year old girl finds out that she has telekinetic powers and uses them when humiliated with a prank on her prom night.

Frances Ha (2012, Drama/Romance)- an aimless young New York woman tries to figure out her life after her college graduation.

Cat on A Hot Tin Roof (1957, Drama/LGBT)- An alcoholic and former athlete tries to find his lost glory while his wife increasingly hates him.

High Flying Bird (2019, Drama/Sport)- Shot entirely on an iPhone, this film features a sports agent who pitches a controversial business idea to a rookie basketball player.

Private Life (2018, Drama)- An infertile couple struggles to save their relationship & marriage and goes through adoption and other assisted reproduction process for a baby.

The Beguiled ( 2017, Drama/Thriller)- At the time of civil war, an enemy soldier takes refuge in all girls boarding school where jealousy and lust rise among the women.

Knock down the house ( 2019, Documentary) – A bartender, a coal miner’s daughter, a grieving mother, and a nurse builds a movement to challenge powerful candidates in U.S. congress.

God’s Own Country ( 2017, Drama/Romance)- A young farmer depresses his frustration in drinking and casual sex until he meets a Romanian worker who sets him on a new path.

Coraline (2009, Animated/Fantasy/Adventure)- An adventurous girls discovers sinister secrets and idealised version of her home through a secret door in her new house.

Scream (1996, Mystery/Horror/slasher)- A girls mom was killed and years later more murders surfaces which sparks her to find out the criminal since she is suspecting everyone.

In Bruges ( 2008, Drama/Crime) – Two contract killers get stuck in Bruges , Belgium after an unsuccessful mission. Complications arise when the boss asks one of them to kill each other.

Loving Vincent (2017, Drama/Mystery) – World’s first fully painted movie , a young man goes to deliver last letter of painter Vincent van Gogh to his hometown and investigates his final days.

Wine Country (2019, Comedy)- Six women goes on a tour to the Napa Valley in California to celebrate a 50th birthday and questions their friendship and future.

Green Room (2015, Crime /Thriller)- A rock band gets trapped when they witness a murder by neo-nazis and become targets because the gang wants to eliminate every evidence of the crime.

The Dark Crystal (1982, Fantasy/Adventure)- on an unknown fictional planet is a crystal which requires healing on the great conjugation of three suns or the evil forces will rule forever.

Velvet Buzzsaw (2019 Drama/Mystery)- Dome paintings from an unknown artist are discovered and a supernatural force starts taking revenge on those who get in the way of art.

My Happy Family (2017, Drama) – A Gregorian woman leaves her husband and her home only to set out and build a new life for herself.

Apostle (2018, Thriller/Horror)- A girl is held for ransom and his brother tries to save her by entering the enemy area where he undercovers corruption from the mainland and a secret more evil than anyone can imagine.

Don’t Wait. Binge on your pick and enjoy watching and exploring different cultures & traditions with these thought provoking films from around the globe.

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