50 Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video to Watch in 2020

All kinds of videos show, and music in the world just as one place, at Amazon Prime and that too only at Rs129 per month and get an exclusive collection of deals. Keep the group of 100 million videos in your smartphone. Amazon Prime is one of the most popular platforms when we talk about high-quality movies, web series, and music. Amazon prime offers you the fun of unlimited movies, music, shows without ad breaks, just at an affordable price. Wondering about which videos to watch? No worries, here is the list of the best movies which you shouldn’t miss on amazon prime.

List of Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video:

1. Twelve monkey’s

One of the best web series of Terry Gilliam, ‘Twelve Monkey’s’ is the science fiction film. It has been nominated with two Oscars and has won 10 awards as well. And, it has been nominated for 19 awards. Twelve Monkey’s released in 2014. The story introduces deaths caused due to the airborne virus. This action film is starring Bruce wills in its lead role. And he is one who unfolds the further story by his attempt to save billions of lives. The season 1 premiered in 2014. Now, with the love of its audience, the Prime video has again come up with its season 4.

2. The 39 Steps

‘The 39 Steps’ is the movie you can’t miss, the film filled with emotions, thriller, and mystery. ‘The 39 steps’ are the combination of every emotion, and you have to watch, all in one. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, The 39 Steps unfolds the mystery of a spy who aims to steal secret information and the man in London who tries to find him.

3. The accused

The Oscar-winning movie, the accused, is abed on the gang rape. The series showcases her struggle with the laws and fighting against her criminals. The drama series, ‘The accused’ stares Kelly McGillis, Jodie Foster, and Bernie Coulson. Directed by Jonathan Kaplan, this movie correctly depicts the provocation of the victim with the real blend of drama.

4. The act of killing

Streaming a documentary standard of film, the act of killing showcases the crime scenarios of the military in power. ‘The act of killing’ released in 2012 and was nominated for Oscar once. ‘The act of killing’ has impressed its viewers with its dark and intense theme along with the dramatic element and perfect music. The realistic effect that the director Joshua Oppenheimer has given has made the viewers love this movie.

With all the elements and features, amazon prime has millions of viewers and streams the best content. So, what are you waiting for? Get amazon prime, and enjoy the best movies on it.

5. Eighth grade

‘Eighth grade’ is the comedy-drama directed by Bo Burnham has attracted its viewers by the real-life difficulties of the middle school rigors. This movie came in 218 and debuted Elsie fisher and starred Josh Hamilton in the lead role. The reviews have been good till one. And this movie has given realistic effects to the viewers.

6. Manchester by the Sea

‘Manchester by the sea’ has been a sprawling work loved by the viewers the art-house drama is starring Casey Affleck Michelle Williams and Kyle Jenner.

Casey Affleck has done an excellent work loved by the audience and has won the academy award for best acting in 2016. This movie has got various awards. The lead actor, Kenneth Lonergan, has acquired the Best original screenplay.

7. The Handmaiden

Directed by Park Chan-wook, there is both inertia and a sense of fun in the movie and is streaming on amazon prime since 2016. This movie is truly a puzzle box where you get along with every question to find the answers as well as having new issues.

8. Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Rhetorical drama directed by Christopher McQuarrie. He has maintained balance and has indeed provided the impossible fallouts. The Burj Khalifa sequel has been the most impressive part of the movie. The first movie started in 1996 and now has been nominated for 1 BAFTA film award.

9. You Were Never Really Here

The Suspense drama directed by Lynne Ramsay stars Joaquin Phoenix and Ekaterina Samsonov in the lead roles. ‘You Were Never Really Here’ is seen as the best film of 2018 so far as it deals with the horrors of sex trafficking of underage girls. Actors have given their best shot and the perfect sound effects and music.

10. Lady Bird

With Amazon Prime watch Lady Bird which is streaming on amazon prime since June. Greta Gerwig directs lady Bird has a piercing truthful element in it that has made it loved by viewers.

11. The Florida project

A 2017 film, The Florida Project is a tender approach that has reframed paradise in the eyes of the viewers. The director, Sean Baker, has pointed out all the ideas of survival and joy throughout the movie.

12. Leave no trace

The director, Debra Granik, has made the perfect moments in the movie. The movie Leave No Trace is based on humanity and a long bittersweet sigh and is streaming on amazon prime since 2018.

13. Hereditary

Hereditary as the title means worlds exist within worlds. The thriller drama, directed by Ari Aster works in two eras. The actor Toni Collette has done a fabulous work that has impressed the audience.

14. Good time

Josh and Benny Safdie direct thriller drama that notches the most trending movie. This movie has been seen in the ten best films of the year in 2017.

15. Lean on Pete

Lean on Pete is a striking drama that teasingly unfolds the mysterious story. The director Andrew Haigh has made a sublime drama with the story of various elements in one movie such as the boy and his dog, the coming age, the father and son story part, the road piece as well.

16. Zama

Zama is the Spanish movie streaming on amazon prime in 2018. Thus the film is based on the 1995 novel by Antonio Di Benedetto.

17. Under the silver lake

The plot thread that is directed by David Robert Mitchell, ‘Under the silver lake’ is not the thing to miss. He has shown all the concepts that the audience wants to see in a film. Don’t miss this chance. Watch it on amazon prime.

18. I am not your negro

‘I am not your negro’ movie is a documentary that shows the journey of three friends starring Samuel Jackson, James Baldwin, and Martin Luther king.

19. Thunder road

The tragic comedy directed by Jim Cunnings, ‘Thunder Road’ shows a meltdown of lives by divorce and death sequel.

20. Bisbee ’17

Robert Greene has directed a radically new documentary based on critical time of war. How best is it to see history all over again?

21. Hale County This Morning, This Evening

The elusive and comprehensive American story, ‘Hale County This Evening’ has a slice of life which you will love on the screen.

22. Paterson

Jim Jarmusch has directed the 2016 classic drama. Adam Driver has played the lead role, and his acting has tremendously impressed the viewers’ acting.

23. Climax

The Director Gaspar Noé has openly presented the movie in the confrontational and provocative form and has expressed himself in the form of this movie.

24. City of ghosts

The 2017 movie on amazon prime shows the lives of the paramilitaristic nationalists. The director Matthew Heineman has deeply shown all the feelings with the help of the graphics in the movie.

25. Brawl in Cell Block 99

In the movie, the lead actor Vince Vaughn has brought the best of extreme in his acting. ‘Brawl in Cell Block 99′ is a drama that has a theme of crime.in Give your 132 minutes to this movie, and you will not regret

26. Hagazussa: A Heathen’s Curse

The 2019 film directed by Lukas Feigelfeld hypnotic recreation, Hagazussa features Aleksandra Cwen and Tanja petrovsky. ‘Hagazussa: A Heathen’s Curse’ is a supernatural story that will give you Goosebumps with its horror content. Watch it now on amazon prime.

27. Cold war

Polish director Pawel Pawlikowski’s ‘Cold War’ has refreshed up a bittersweet romance of the 1950s. In the cold war, the filmmaker has set a real feeling with joy that is illustrated through dance, music, and lovemaking.

28. A simple favor

The sweet balanced story written by Jessica Sharzer is a great mystery of a lonely single mother’s life. ‘A Simple Favor’ is a twisted psychological thriller has been directed by Paul Feig. This movie has been rated 6.8 out of ten is starring Anna Kendrick as a single mother. This movie has tonally shown the scene of two different times, but the ending is quite acidic.

29. The Terminator

‘The terminator’ is a combination of romance, action, sci-fi, and horror directed by James Cameron. The director James Cameron has mixed up time travel and tech terror, unstoppable robots and impossible love affairs.

30. Serenity

‘Serenity’ is the wildest movies of 2019 streaming on amazon prime. Steven Knight has directed Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, and Jason Clarke in this movie.

31. A quiet place

What do you think of a ‘quiet place? A mother’s cry, a family’s survival, a mixture of horror elements all in a film.  Directed by John Krasinski, ‘A quiet place’ is full of terrors that you can’t afford to miss.

32. Under the Silver Lake

‘Under the silver lake’ is the horror story of murderers and monsters directed by David Robert Mitchell. This movie on amazon prime is a sprawling film that is filled with random pockets of bizarreness and twisted roads that ultimately lead nowhere.

33. To Catch a Thief

The filmmaker, Alfred Hitchcock, has brought out all the charm of old Hollywood glamour in ‘To Catch a Thief.’ This movie is a romantic escapade with the depiction of a beautiful young social life. ‘To catch a thief’ is one of the all-time great capers that seems to be Gorgeous, romantic, thrilling, and elegant to the viewers.

34. Clue

Want to have endless entertainment, then watch ‘Clue’ on Amazon Prime. You can re-watch this movie as this is the comedies of all time. Watch the different ending of different people only on Clue.

35. The big sick

‘The Big Sick,’ directed by Michael Showalter, is the stranger-than-fiction story of two people in love. Their loves story is depicted along with clashing cultures and family expectations, and a mysterious life-threatening illness.

36. Bone Tomahawk

‘Bone Tomahawk’ has earned all the moments of the stellar performances, character-driven narrative and atmosphere along with severe violence and gore. This movie has been awarded as the Best Movie Kills of 2015. If you love horror movies, catch it on Amazon Prime.

37. Rosemary’s Baby

‘The rosemary’s baby’ is the1968 horror classic based on the presence of supernatural power in the house. This movie stars Mia Farrow as its leads role.

38. Shutter Island

Directed by Martin Scorsese, ‘Shutter Island’ is a psychological thriller. The audience loved this movie due to the massive plot twist of this film.

39. Suspiria

‘Suspiria’ is the generational strife and fascist power play directed by Luca Guadagnino. Who doesn’t love the phantasmagoria of violence and magic in a film?

40. Coherence

This movie is Written and Directed by James Ward Byrkit. ‘Coherence, the unsettling reality features Nicholas Brendan and Emily Baldoni in its lead role.

41. Inside Llewyn Davis

The 1961 masterpiece set in Greenwich Village. ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ is the movie that has never got its value but yes, if you want to see this gem, you must watch it.

42. Stop Making Sense

This film is based on the various stage shows directed and written by Jonathan Demme. ‘Stop Making Sense’ movie reminds you of the great art-rock acts of the 1980s.

43. Unsane

Depicting the panic attack assault, ‘Unsane’ is the real psychological horror story you are going to love if you haven’t seen it.

44. Parents

Parents, horror mystery set in 1989, Bob Balaban has placed the full movie with the idealistic music to imagery. This movie clearly shows the Raucous results of sinister violence.

45. The Central Park Five

‘The central park five’ is the history based on a real-life story. Don’t miss this horrific documentary, watch it on amazon prime. Set in 1989, ‘The central park five’ is the movie depicts the story of the heinous crime that outraged the public but their fight for justice.

46. It Comes at Night

‘It comes at night’ is an existential dread directed by Trey Edward Shults. This movie is beautifully shot. Subscribe to Amazon Prime, and watch this melancholy tale of mortality that is beautifully shot.

47. The Reef

‘The Reef’ is the drama along with thrill. This is the story of four friends go on a trip to find themselves and spent time with nature. But with the sequence of tragedies, happening their life become exciting but yet challenging. Watch the try go their lives.

48. The Neon Demon

Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, ‘The Neon Demon’ this movie features the best acting of Elle Fanning, Keanu Reeves, Abbey Lee, Jena Malone, Bella Heathcote, Karl Glusman and Christina Hendricks. This movie has got a split response from the critics.

49. The Lost City of Z

Director James Gary has made this movie in the great cinema past. The cast includes Charlie Hungnam, Robert Pattinson, Tom Holland, Sienna Miller but this movie has not made such a high effect on the western world.


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