Top 10 Best IPTV Services – Reviews & Subscription

The IPTV services are the best way to cut the cable TV cord and watch your favorite TV channels online using the internet on your Smart TV, Computer or Mobile devices. These services provide a very cost-effective solution to stream the cable TV channels anywhere and anytime and you don’t even have to catch them live. You can easily watch it on-demand anytime. IPTV services have several advantages and many different features than those of the traditional satellite-based cable TVs. They offer a unique feature ‘Video on Demand’ service where users can have access to content other than TV channel shows and movies. It also lets simultaneous viewing and streaming to its users on a different number of devices. All you need is an internet connection, streaming app & device and a subscription to a service provider.

There are lots and lots of IPTV Service providers in the market with different channel packages, TV shows, Movies, Documentaries, and original content. However, picking one service provider can be a tough task since you may miss out on better experience and deals on the other service.

List Of Best IPTV Services:

So if you want to get an IPTV service provider for yourself and you cannot figure out which one is the best available service that fits your needs, you don’t have to panic. Here is a list of user rated and reviewed Top 10 Best IPTV Services for you.

1. Prime Video ( Amazon Prime )

Amazon is commonly known for the products they sell on their e-commerce website but it is also a top best streaming service with lots of good content. Prime video created itself an ecosphere with Amazon Fire TV stick and box that streams IPTV and Prime video contents. Amazon Prime Movies & Video service provides its users with TV shows, movies, and other videos on-demand service and features some of its original content as well. Amazon Channels offers CuriosityStream, Showtime, Starz, Lifetime Movie Club, AMC Shudder, HBO, Cinemax and other channels in the US however the Prime Video service is available worldwide.

It can be used on a variety of devices such as Fire Brand Devices, android devices, IOS, digital media players such as Roku, Apple TV, Nvidia shield, Home video game consoles such as Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo, Sony Playstation, and variety of smart TVs. Subscription charges for Amazon Services are subjected to change but it offers very cost-effective plans as low as USD 8.99 for a month. A free trial for 30 days is available so you can be sure of the service it offers.

2. The Players Klub IPTV

The Players Klub IPTV service is one of the most popular IPTV services. It is more into TV channels and does not offer Video on Demand service for TV series or shows however maintains a great library of movies and Documentaries. It offers its users over 3000 channels from the USA, UK, Canada, and some more countries and that too at a low cost of just US $8 per month. It has an app for Android and Kodi making it available for a wide range of platforms also.

It offers High quality streaming at 1080P however some of the channels are offered at 720p resolution. Most of the channels are from US satellite TV channels however there are regional contents available too. The Players Klub IPTV remains mostly out of stock in their subscription plan so as to avoid overloading on the server and hence providing an excellent experience to its users. If you are into satellite TV channels but want it at low cost then The players Klub is your solution.

3. Hulu Live TV

If you are thinking of a very reliable IPTV service, Consider Hulu + Live TV. Majorly owned by The Walt Disney company Hulu is a very popular American live TV streaming service. It offers some of the most popular and costly channels such as NBC, FOX Sports, ABC, CBS, ESPN, MSNBC, HGTV, Telemundo, CNN, Special Coverage of English Premier League, NBA, NHL, NCAA, NFL, Oxygen, RT America, A&E, and many more popular channels. Hulu has 3 different subscription plans but only the highest one offers TV channels which are priced at US$ 45 a month.

In addition to TV channels, Hulu has a great library of on-demand movies, TV shows, and many of its own Original contents among others. Hulu + Live TV is available for a large range of devices and hence is very popular among users, however, it is based and only available for the USA region. Users from other countries cannot access its content and Services.

4. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is one of the free of cost IPTV Services which is available across the world. It offers Video-on-demand services and about 200 TV channels to its users all for free. No charges and no credit card details are required to access Pluto TV. It is an ad-based service and hence is free of cost however it still has fewer ads than that of traditional satellite TV channels. It is owned by Viacom and offers Bloomberg TV, RT, WeatherNation, NASA TV, CNET, CNN, Fox Sports, NBC News, sky news, Sony Pictures, and several other popular TV channels and on-demand movies and TV shows.

Pluto’s library is licensed from DHX Media, Nelvana, MGM, Viacom, Columbia TriStar, Fremantle, Monstercat, King Features Syndicate, and various other studios. Pluto TV is available for a large range of devices and as an add on for a variety of devices such as Roku, Android, Windows, macOS, Apple TV, iOS, etc. Viacom is yet to add some of its own channels on this free for all service.

5. Zattoo IPTV Service

Zattoo is a UK based IPTV service that offers about 200 channels from the European continent including the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and more. In addition to the basic free channels, a premium subscription at US$ 10 per month offers 70 High definition channels. Zattoo has been the first-ever Service that offers B2C i.e Business to the customer as well as B2B i.e. Business to Business Services. The Zattoo TV app is available for all available streaming devices which state it’s popularity among users however services are restricted to several countries. It is available for Switzerland, Germany, and some other European countries.

Some of the popular channels available are BBC Network, Information TV, CBC Net, S4C, Channel Four, etc. Zattoo offers all the content from traditional TV with advertisements intact. It doesn’t offer other on-demand video Service however have several of its own advertisement from leading telecom companies.

6. YouTube TV

Google was already offering on-demand content on its Google Play services. However, it recently ventured into live TV streaming services over the Internet with its YouTube services. It offers live TV, Cloud DVR, on-demand video and more than 70 television channels on its network. Some of the major channels and include ABC, CNN, NBC, FOX, FOX, CBS, ESPN, TBS, and Discovery. The pertaining widespread popularity of Google, YouTube TV is available for a wide range of Smart TV, Digital video streaming players, Game Consoles, Mobiles, and Computer devices.

Presently YouTube TV covers about 98 percent of the American household and TV channels making it the most popular Service in the USA. It is also available in other countries however with certain restrictions on content and channels. It is offered with a one-base plan of US$70 a month offering high definition video quality on its content. Additional add-on channels are also available such as Starz for US$ 9 a month, Showtime for US$ 7 a month, AMC Premier for US$ 5 a month and FOX Soccer Plus is for US$ 15 a month.

7. Sportz TV IPTV

Sportz TV is an IPTV service that provides more than 6500 satellite channels from all around the world including the channels from the USA, UK, Canada, and many other popular countries. Sportz TV service offers a very affordable service at US$ 14.95. you get two connections allowing you to share your plan with your friends and family. The channels are offered both in HD and SD quality as provided by the original network. One of the unique features of this service is that you can use it on the Telegram app on your mobile device.

It provided on-demand content and best TV channels, Movies, and Series as well as premier sports coverage. It also features 3-4 screens on a single screen for viewing different channels at one time. Some of the popular names are UK entertainment, UK movies, Football club, Sports Network, etc. You can also get a 5 connection service at a cost of US$ 24.95 per month. The Providers also feature an in-app chat service for users across the world on a single platform.

8. Netflix

There will be no list that doesn’t feature Netflix as the best Internet Streaming Service. Netflix has this unique feature offering its own original content more than those from other productions and hence it is very popular among users. Netflix features some of the best on-demand video services including movies, TV shows, and other content. It doesn’t feature traditional TV channels however contains some of the best TV shows of all time and its own channels for access to popular content and old shows for across the globe.

Netflix is very popular around the world and hence is available for almost all devices and streaming players as well as on websites and applications for smartphones, Smart TV, etc. Netflix produces both films and television series shows originally itself and distributes it through its network. It is offered in 3 subscription plans with the higher one priced at about US$ 30 per month offering Dolby digital and Blu ray High definition viewing experience. It is very popular among binge-watchers.

9. Sling TV

Sling TV has been rated the best internet streaming Television service in the USA. It was the first-ever IPTV provider to offer multi-channel live TV over the web after it went live in 2015. Sling TV is owned by Dish Network which is a very well-known name among TV services providers and offers high-quality HD and SD streaming services. The Sling TV Free Trail is also very affordable in its subscription plan which offers separate plans for sports and normal TV channels in its orange and blue package.

Both of them costs around US$ 40 per month however individual services cause US$ 25 per month. Sling orange includes channels from ESPN and Disney. However, on Sling Blue you can watch channels from FOX and NBC but not from ESPN and Disney. Sling TV is based in the US and is available for a variety of devices such as android, smart TVs, game consoles, as well as its website also. Over 5 million users across USA rate Sling TV as the best TV streaming service over the Internet.

10. BBC iPlayer

The BBC iPlayer is the most well-known IPTV service in the UK and other European countries. Most of the main over the Air TV networks in the UK provide their own internet streaming services. The Service is available for a wide range of devices such as Android, iOS, Windows and other smart TVs and devices however the service is only restricted to the users in Britain only. The service contains all the channels from BBC network as well as channels from 11 European countries and AMC, ITV plus services for a very affordable price and also features a very large on-demand video content services. BBC launched its service for American user renames as BritBox which also went very popular however less than that of other services already available in America.

All of the above services very popular in users and are rated the best IPTV services available in the world. It is recommended to check whether a service is available for your location before using or subscribing to it. Most of the IPTV Services are legal to watch however there are some IPTV services like Wader IPTV which are illegal to use and access to them can land you in legal trouble. It is always advised to use VPN services while accessing such illegal websites and services so as to keep your identity hidden from ISP and government.

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