5 Best ChromeBox in 2020 – Buying Guide from Experts

Hey, are you looking for the best Chromebox in the upcoming year, 2020? Do not worry. We have done good research in finding the best and suitable Chromebox for you. But before telling you about the best Chromebox, we would like to brief you about what is a Chromebox? A Chromebox can be defined as a small device that is specifically used for web browsing. Many companies have launched updated and exciting Chromeboxes recently. Few world-famous companies like Acer, Asus, and HP has defined a Chromebox as a Google Chrome operating system installed in your personal computer.

Brief Information About Chromebox 2020:

The best part of the Chromebox is that it is a small device and easy to carry. It was initially manufactured by Samsung, Asus, Dell, and Google as a bundler in 2012. A Chrome box is basically a power control switch with operates along with a group of connections bundle up to form a support to keyboard, one or more monitor and pointing-device. It will be very exciting for you to know that the latest Chromebox was launched in July 2019. It is an Intel made product and widely accepted for the users.

Before going into a detailed discussion on the best Chromebox, we think you are eagerly waiting to know the names of the best Chromebox. But before that, we think you must know the difference between a Chromebook and a Chromebox. The basic difference is that a Chromebook is used to run the operating system of a laptop and a Chromebox is used in a desktop to operate the same Google Chrome operating system.

Now, follow the names of the top and most efficient Chromebox of 2020.

  1. Asus Chromebox-2
  2. Acer Chromebox CXI-i38GKM.
  3. HP J5N50UT Chromebox.

We should inform you that Chromebox is not something which is a new innovation. It was launched in 2012, as we have said to you earlier. So basically, there is no accurate answer for the best one as all of these are top products in the field. In this regard, you must be enough confused to select the best one. But we would like to suggest that you should not run after the best and costly Chromebox. Your main focus should be to buy a Chromebox that can fulfill your needs and your desire for web browsing.

Fundamental information about Chromebox

To make yourself clear and to complete your dilemma, we would like to state a few necessary information regarding the selection of the best Chromebox. The fundamental criteria of a Chromebox are to have at least two USB 3.0 ports and an HDMI port. In many models, you can find that a Chromebox contains even more than three USB ports. This is a benefit for you to connect more than three devices at a time to your personal computer. You can also look out for audio jack, Ethernet port for web connectivity and Bluetooth support.

Most of the chrome devices such as to contemplate with a Chromebox that you use for your personal computer should have 2 GB of RAM along with a storage hard disk capacity of 16 GB. For a 4 GB model, you will get a 32 GB hard disk capacity. A 32 GB hard disk capacity will be much more comfortable for you if you want to invest a little bit more money as compared with a 16 GB Chromebox. If you are willing to pay enough money to buy the best Chromebox, then we will suggest you go for a Celeron made processor, where you will get a Core i3, i5, and i7.

Advantage of a ChromeBox:

Yes, now we will discuss the advantages of a Chromebox to put a smile on your face. A Chromebox has an abundance of advantages as compared to the drawbacks.

  • Chromebox has got Intel Celeron made “i” processor models like those traditional old personal computers.
  • The chips that are used inside a Chromebox are of high efficiency to provide power to all its users and regular personal windows computers.
  • It is very efficient as a product and even it can update to any kind of prevailing situation to meet your upcoming desire about technology.
  • The capacity of storage of a Chromebox contains a SATA M2 Solid State Drive to get an easy update.
  • A Chromebox allows you with 8 GB of RAM along with a storage capacity of 256 GB and it is also cheap.

What else do you want?? If we mention it in a one shot, we would like to define a Chromebox as A Chromebox is a perfect center for media-oriented Personal Computer.”

List of Best ChromeBox With Specifications & User Reviews:

1. Asus Chromebox M004U

Whenever we are talking about the best Chromebox, we cannot ignore Asus made products. Asus has been known as “Technological Giants” when it comes to the latest innovation and marketing. The marketing sector of Asus operates with high-quality Engineers, who are developing Chromebox methodically and maintaining good specification. Asus Chromebox is the smallest Chromebox in the world. This is one of the best uses of updated Technology by Asus. Let us look at the specification at one glance.

  • 4 GHz Intel made Celeron 2955U processor.
  • 2 GB RAM with DDR3.
  • 16 GB SSD HDD.
  • Google chrome operating system.
  • 4 GB maximum memory.
  • Intel Graphics card.

2. Acer Chromebox

When we are in a race of finding the best Chromebox, we need to include Acer as a good competitor in this field. The advancement that Acer has contributed to the Chromebox field has gained a lot of appreciation from the entire world. They also provide an “easy to set up” facility along with the Chromebox. 4 USB 3.0 ports to ensure that you get enough portability option for yourself.

  1. Intel Core i3-5005U processor with 5th generation advancement.
  2. 0GHz with a 3MB cache.
  3. DDR3 SDRAM Memory with 8 GB.
  4. High definition capacity to provide Audio Support.
  5. Secure Digital card signification along with Digital card reader for media-related implementation.
  6. Advanced and updated up to 4.0 Bluetooth support.

Acer made devices like Chromebox is compact and loads a rich amount of user-friendly features. You are even getting access to “monitor screen size” so that you are capable to adjust Chromebox in your big screen. As Acer has got Expertise employees from all over the world it happens to be true that Acer one was top in the list of Wall Street Journal for excellence in the field of innovation when i5 comes to Chromebox. Acer Chromebox takes almost less than 8 seconds to boost and it turns on automatically to update anti-virus protection on your computer. This is more of an advantage to allow the Chromebox, itself to manage your security and privacy settings. As a master in the field of technological up-gradation, we can instruct you to keep Acer on top of your priority list. T

3. HP J5N50UT Chromebox:

HP makes Chromebox, which is also known as mini “PC Chromebox”. This product is designed in such a way that it can produce high scalability and maximum magnitude of flexibility within end-to-end support in the Chrome arena. They have received a four-star rating and perfection was the only word to describe HP’s J5N50UT.  Even HP is recently dealing with the idea of upgrading the Chromebox and launching the next version.

  • Processor with 1.4 Celeron.
  • Intel made HD graphics with the latest up-gradation to support all formats of the display.
  • DDR3 SD RAM as a computer memory slot type.
  • Supportable to all kinds of PC.
  • 16 size of flash memory.
  • Dimension of 9.4 X 4.4 X 7.5 inches. (H X W X D).
  • Google Chrome Supportable operating system platform.

It is indeed important information for us to inform you about the remarkable display quality that HP produces here in this Chromebox. For example, if you are using it for a presentation on a large screen, it gives an ample magnitude of a display with an eye protection quality and smooth graphical user interface.

4. Asus Chromebox (BIT)

So let us have a look at our fourth participant for the race of the best Chromebox. Now as we have told you that Asus is an apex for developing Chromebox. They have always tried to impress people, by delivering a different upgraded model of the same version of the technology. Yes, Asus has got an inner competition between Chrome BIT and Asus M004 Chromebox. Asus has got an amazing team for each and every product they have. The developers in Asus are trying to take Chromebox users to the next level of innovation. Even Acer has faced tough challenges by launching Chromebox at the same time as Asus did back in 2017. Asus Chrome bit is also known as “Stick Desktop” for running in your personal computer, with a 3288-C Rock Chip. Now, let us have a look at the outstanding specification that Asus has made for you:

  1. It has got phenomenal criteria to turn any HDMI display onto your personal desktop.
  2. Asus Chrome BIT provides 100GB Google drive space capacity.
  3. Dual band criteria with “a/b/n/g/ac” wifi (802.11), with Bluetooth 4.0 access.
  4. Coming to the point of compatibility, we would surely try to focus on Asus’s faster and peripheral compatibility is a real success for users.
  5. It produces a perfect “Integrated mali” Rock chip.
  6. Yes, it does support DDR3 SD RAM.

Even, we would like to share a fact that Asus has gained about forty percent of the market share when it launched Chromebox 3, with Intel generation core processor and 4 thousand visual display qualities with 3.1 USB C-Type ports. The product launched by Asus is unique and has got a high level of versatility.  Asus has got an amazing track record and every time it surprises its customer with the amazing specification. There is no doubt about the credibility of Asus and its devices.


Well, now we need to meet at one point and decide the best Chromebox for you. According to us, Acer Chromebox is the best one for you to buy within that bearable price that we have mentioned. This Acer made Chromebox also comes with a keyboard and a mouse. Even these products have received 5 ratings from their use as feedback.

Users have also mentioned this product as price worthy thing. The HDMI display is remarkable and good with multiple ports. The USB service has been taken to another level of success by Acer after launching this product. We have no doubt in recommending this product. But as a good wisher, we would like to say that you may select whatever that allows you to configure your service.

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