Top 6 Best Cable TV Alternatives in 2020

We’re living in a time where traditional things like watching cable TV is done and dusted. More and more people are moving towards the latest technology, be it live streaming or the latest 5G network. Everything is evolving and for good. One of the main reasons why people are moving away from cable TV is because it often can burn your wallet on a consistent basis, which isn’t good for your financial goals.

I am not denying that there are smaller packages with fewer channels, but once you get on it and start purchasing add-ons to watch your favorite channels, the expense adds up without being noticed. On the other hand, there are some great alternatives to cables TV which you can adopt with just a valid internet connection and a small monthly fee. With these, you can completely make the switch from cable TV and start streaming right away without any installation or set up fees.

Best Cable TV Alternatives 2020 – Channels With Packages

If you want to know what those are, then be sure to read this list right till the end.

1. Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the most popular choices we have today that acts as a cable TV replacement. With just a valid internet connection, you can start streaming your favorite shows, movies, sports etc. You don’t even need a TV. You can stream on your mobile, tablet or laptop too.

They have three different plans for viewers:

  1. Orange Plan at $30
  2. Blue Plan at $35
  3. Orange + Blue Plan at $40

The orange plan has 28 channels and that includes some of the best ones like ESPN 1, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, Food Network, Disney channels, etc. The blue plan has 44 channels which include NBC Sports, Fox Sports, Cartoon Network, etc. Now you must be wondering “why these two plans have the same monthly price when one has more channels.”

That’s because both these plans have exclusive channels. That means, the channels you find on Orange plan won’t be available on the Blue plan. So to get all of those under one plan, you have to purchase their Orange + Blue plan. Overall, Sling TV is a great alternative to cable TV no matter which plans you go for. You can sign up for 7 days free sling trial offer.

2. Hulu

This is another great one to the list. Hulu lets you watch TV shows and movies from their own library and it costs a small $6 per month but with ads. If you don’t mind sitting through ads in between your viewing experience then cool, or else you can pay an extra $6 to remove the ads.

With Hulu, you can also record shows and movies and watch them later whenever you want. Another great thing about it is the latest TV shows get added to the library within a day after it aired. This is pretty cool and quick because you’re able to watch your favorite TV shows without waiting too long.

They have another package called Hulu With Live TV which allows you to stream over 50 live channels and includes every single feature of Hulu basic as well. It costs $45 which is a bit on the expensive side but still, it has great amount of channels and provides a nice viewing experience.

3. Playstation Vue

Ever since Sony jumped on to the streaming industry, it has made a huge name on it. Playstation Vue is a live example of that. It is a great streaming service which lets you watch on-demand channels with ease. Their plans are a bit costly, starting from $40 per month to $80 per month. But, that doesn’t make it any less great. It has amazing features that talk for itself like the ability to watch simultaneously on 5 different devices.

Each plan has awesome channels like cartoon network, discovery, Disney channel, CNN among others. Similar to Hulu, it lets you record anything you watch and store it for 28 days. Other than anything, Playstation Vue’s interface and user experience are really great.

4. Netflix

We all know what Netflix is because it’s one of the most popular streaming services in the world. They have a huge library of TV shows and movies divided into 3 different plans. Here’s what each of them has to offer:

Package 1:

  • Costs $8.99/month along with taxes
  • You get the first month totally at no cost
  • After that, you can cancel subscription anytime
  • Allows streaming on multiple devices but one at a time

Package 2:

  • Costs $11.99/month along with taxes
  • You get the first month totally at no cost
  • After that, you can cancel subscription anytime
  • Allows streaming in HD quality
  • Allows streaming on multiple devices with 2 at a time

Package 3:

  • Costs $15.99/month along with taxes
  • You get the first month totally at no cost
  • After that, you can cancel subscription anytime
  • Allows streaming on HD + Ultra HD quality
  • Allows streaming on multiple devices with 4 at a time

All of these plans are catered to different needs. For example, the package 1 is good for a single person who doesn’t mind streaming in normal video quality. The package 2 is suitable for a person who wants to share the plan with someone else too with HD quality. Lastly, the package 3 is best for people with a family who can share the plan across 4 different devices.

5. Amazon Prime Video

You heard it right! Amazon is not just for shopping. It has a great streaming service called Amazon Prime Video that lets you stream movies and shows right from your favorite devices. Along with that, you also get access to their original series that is exclusive to only Amazon prime users.

It costs a small $9 per month and has a huge library of video content. And if in case you can’t find your favorite show or movie in their library, you can ask them to add it just for you for a small price. However, it will be available for a short time until it vanishes. But still! It’s a great little feature.

Overall, it’s a nice subscription to have in place of cable TV.

6. YouTube TV

Don’t underestimate YouTube just for their cat videos. They have this streaming giant called YouTube TV that allows you to stream your favorite channels along with your local TV cable channels available in your locality. You also get access to news channels such as CNN, Fox News etc which makes it a nice choice to have in place of cable TV.

YouTube TV is currently available only in United States so congrats if you stay in there.


It’s always great to move along with the technology and jump on the latest trend because the world is fast and you have to as well. With the above video streaming options, you’ll be able to ditch your cable TV and switch to something more portable and affordable. I would suggest going over the list and picking the one that matches your needs.

That’s it from this article. Thanks for reading!

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