Best Basketball Shoes 2019 for Men & Women | Reviews & Buying Guide

Sports Gear used by various players in the different form of sports has a major significance and contribution to the overall outcome and performance displayed by the athletes during the game. The sports industry has shown a major evolution by altering the rules of the game to make it more interesting for the viewers and to provide the best value for money. Talking specifically about the footwear, shoes would form the most critical part of the gear in any form of sport as it is the most important equipment to facilitate the player during various body movements i.e. running, skidding, jumping and various other based on the sport the person is engaged in.

Basketball as a sport has a unique gear, which if one notices is as simple to be put in the words ‘Loose T-shirt’ and ‘Loose & Long Shorts’. This form of gear allows the player to run, dribble and most importantly JUMP freely and that essentially is the game all about. Talking about the requirement from the shoes such a game would need –The players are required to sprint and stop at the same time hence the shoes must have a strong grip, the sole should be firm with the right amount of friction support. As the players are required to jump, the shoes must have comfortable cushioning and right flexibility to support all the body movements.

Best Basketball shoes

Now we have also seen the amount of sweat the game of basketball yields, thus the basketball shoes must be sweat resistant or absorbents to control slipping or falling during the game. And finally not to forget the long and strong ankle support to prevent any twists or tear. Some of the players even go for self-customization for the kind of shoes that best suits their requirement, this is typically based on a number of factors e.g. body weight, playing style, existing injuring and many more.

With so many specific requirements, one has to be sure of wearing the right kind of a shoe for the game as an ordinary pair or a wrong selection can have a massive impact on performance or might even cause unwanted injuries. In addition, doctors, physios, and training consultants have made a very specific recommendation of the type of shoe, which is best suited for the game of basketball. These experts say that basketball shoes must have a thick sole and stiff at the same time for a comfortable movement on the court.

Also should be high top for added ankle protection to prevent sprain and other injuries. Lightly weighted basketball footwear is also recommended to be worn at all times which prevents early fatigue and minimizes the causes of pain or discomfort when in the act.

Thus if we were to list down the top most important features to be kept in view while making a selection, they would look something like the below.

  • Type of player–The type of player one is in the game decides the role and contribution one will be expected to make e.g. if one is good at shooting or if one is a good runner and does a lot of dribbles, more to say if one is more in a defending placement. Thus, it becomes most important to self-analyze once ability and accordingly makes a selection of the footwear of choice.
  • Quality of Build & Design–Quality of build will dictate the functions a shoe can offer to its user i.e. if its lightweight, durable and comfortable at the same time.

The design would indicate the color, pattern, and matching (clothes) for the player. This also plays an important role in the player’s attitude (Look good – Feel good – Play well).

  • Construction Material–This is also a critical aspect of the basketball shoes one should consider while making the selection. These days there is a wide variety of materials available e.g. Mesh, synthetic mesh, rubber, and even metal at times. Thus, choose the best material as per your requisite.
  • Type of basketball shoes–This is a great differential readily available for one to choose from i.e. High top, mid top, and low top. This bifurcation is basis the player i.e. low top provides strong support, mid top is for fast running and high top enables long playing sessions.

List of  10 Best Basketball Shoes in 2019 for Men & Women

Luckily, all major shoes manufacturing brands offer customized footwear for the game of basketball. Offering a variety of choice primarily based on the features we described above. These shoes would also differ basis built and construction material; this would form the major differentiator in the price point of the various products in the market.

1. Nike Kobe X Elite: Best for Men

This product offers best ankle support with highly durable functions. However, it is priced at a higher side and some of us might feel it be slightly heavy on the pocket but is sure value for money with the features and build it offers. We would like to give it a 9 on 10, its best for both professional and amateur players in the game

2. Under Armour Mens’ UA Clutch Fit: Stylish & Classic Sneakers


This shoe is offering the latest design with very lightweight construction material. Go for it if you are a fan of classic basketball shoe as it somewhat looks the same, also has a very competitive price point. Overall gets an 8 on 10 for the package it offers.

3. Nike Men’s LeBron XIII: Price below $100

as low as $100 basketball shoes


Nike gets picked again for a great high top design that offers comfort even during long laying hours. It’s color scheme makes it an all occasions companion. Gets rated no less than 7.5 out of 10.

  • Comes in budget, Mostly picked by newbie players.

4. Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam elation

Adidas makes an entry to our list with this footwear, its tongue, collar and rear quarter are made out of air mash making it extremely breathable for your shoe talking all sweat issues. It gets a 7 on 10 for a high –top look. This shoe will be a good pick for beginners for all-around use.

5. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy bounce

This shoe from Adidas is made from synthetic and textile. It gets its name from the build quality where the rubber sole provides an energized comfort for the game of basketball. In addition, the feather-like fabric and synthetic overlay earn it is a 7 to 10.

  • Good for ankle support

6. Under Armour Men’s Drive 4

flatfeet basketball mens shoe

The entrant on no. 6 is this model from Under Armour with extra heal support, which offers great stability during shooting and for side –to – side movements. Its extended support makes it a comfortable fit and ideal for fast dribble movements with anti-skidding ability. We give it a strong recommendation for the buyers with an 8 on 10.

  • Works best for flat feet people.

7. ANTA KT Light Men’s Basketball Training Sneaker

Perfect Basketball Training sneakers

This training sneaker from ANTA is a reliable pick with plenty of sporty features. With a synthetic overlay and midfoot stability, it is an obvious choice for all outdoor activities and on all forms of surfaces. It offers excellent comfort with all-around padding and lining and a 7 from us out of 10 for its looks and performance.

8. Under Armour Boy’s Grade School Jet

This is the entrant to our list in the mid-top category with additional ankle backing. With an anti-odor technology, it will keep one’s feet fresh throughout the game. With its one-piece rubber sole, this shoe will provide you, great control in the court. We give it 6.5 out of 10.

  • Stylish Shoe, Mostly picked by School students.

9. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive

This high-top model from team Adidas is the most responsive lower bottom cushioning. Moreover, as the tagline suggests, the more you give is the more you get –they are talking about energy here. Its long looks have a new and upgraded lacing system earning itself an 8 on 10.

10. Nike Men’s Air Versatile Nbk

Nike-Mens-Air-Versatile-Nbk sneakers

This product from Nike is a descendant of the 1stentrants in the basketball shoe world with extremely lightweight constriction build. Its padded Achilles gives it a sock-like feel keeping the foot locked at all times. It’s one of the safest buys with guaranteed value for money and all round breathable comfort. It easily qualifies for an 8 on 10 on our ratings.

That is our best take on the available option in the basketball shoe category. If one takes its game and body seriously, will never compromise on the gear especially the footwear. More than 70% of the sports injuries are caused due to faulty equipment and feet is a more venerable area for any sportsmen or athlete. Hence, we recommend you to go for the best pick basis your requirement, playing style and budget. Keep slamming.

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