Best 40 Inch Smart TVs in 2020

Are you hunting the market for the best 40 inches smart TV for your lounge or living room? If yes, read this article to get a view of the 11 best 40 inch Smart TVs to consider in 2020. Here, we have selected and highlighted the devices along with its features and price. So happy smart TV hunting!

Best 40 Inch Smart TV in 2020:

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1. Panasonic GX800 LED TV

This is undoubtedly one of the best 40 inch smart TVs you can even come across since the 2019s. This smart TV comes with the best high definition visualization and GX800’s HCR processor and provides you with both HD and 4K images. The application of such in the visual technology leads this smart TV to be viewed among the best 40 inch smart TVs one can ever come across in the market. These features come along with multi-HDR support and provide Dolby Atmos audio support. However, it only has three input ports, so you cannot input from than three inputs at a time. This smart TV is available in the countries of the UK, Canada, and European nations.

2. Samsung Q60R QLED TV

Another one of the 11 best 40 inch smart TVs which you can consider when short listing the best smart TVs to buy in the market! This is the perfect 40 inches smart TV for those customers who wish to buy the best 40 inches smart TV for gaming. This smart TV provides you with a fast streaming platform, making it perfect for avid gamers. Moreover, it has a good SDR performance making it quite popular in the market for customers looking out for the best 40 inches smart TV available. However, one major issue is the edge-lit panel and the limited brightness of this smart TV!  The base price of the product begins at $699. So, if your budget is below $700 and you require the best 40 inches smart TV for gaming purposes, get Samsung Q60R QLED TV!

3. Vizio M-Series Quantum

Get the best 40 inches smart TV at cheap rates with this Vizio M-Series Quantum Television! We usually think that the best and latest technology comes at a hefty price! But that is not the case in this smart TV! You get to enjoy the brilliant dot technology at affordable price rates! Being one of the 11 best 40 inch smart TVs available in the market, it provides you with a good sound performance with is two 200 watts speakers and comes with HDR images, Dolby support, and local dimming, letting you enjoy its brilliant visual performance even in the darkest of rooms at your home. All of this comes at the best price and is available only in the US market! So, enjoy the smart streaming of services with this best 40 inches smart TV!

4. TCL 100.3 cm (40 Inches) Full HD LED Smart TV 40S62FS

This 40 inches smart TV comes with a Linux based operating system and has a quick response time of 6 milliseconds. It comes with a brilliant resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and has 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports, where you can attach your external drive and see as many movies and videos as you wish to. This is one of the 11 best 40 inch smart TVs you can ever come across with comes with official Netflix and YouTube streaming video services along with Wi-Fi display which allows you to enjoy the video content on the huge screen. Get 95,000+ hours of streaming services with built-in audio support in this best 40 inches smart TV. Along with this, this smart TV comes with sports mode, letting you enjoy your favorite sports game live on the big flat screen.

5. Kodak 102 cm (40 inches) Full HD LED Smart TV 40FHDXSMART PRO

Buy this best 40 inch smart TV! This smart TV comes with a year warranty! It is very much clear that this smart TV caters to your safety and security needs. What’s more, the smart TV comes with 1920 x 1080 full HD resolutions and a refresh rate of 60 Hertz. The Kodak 40 inch full HD LED Smart TV caters to your needs for smart gaming! It comes with 3 HDMI and 2 USB connectivity ports along with Blu Ray players to promote interconnectivity in the device and allow you to apply smart technology in your TV and game away for hours.

Its seamless interface provides you with a Smartphone-like feeling when watching videos on the smart TV. Buying this best 40 inch smart TV lets you enjoy the use of several applications like YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar and Zee5, letting you catch up with the latest episodes of your favorite TV series and watch your wish list of movies on screen. This best 40 inches smart TV comes with an Android operating system and Wi-Fi connectivity, letting you enjoy brightness up to 350 units.

6. eAirtec 102 cm (40 inches) HD Ready Smart LED TV

Are you worried about your electricity bills and yet wish to buy the best 40 inches smart TV for your living room? If yes, this is one of the 11 best 40 inch smart TV options to consider in the market. The eAirtec 40 inches Smart LED TV, comes with 178 degrees viewing angle. Some of its other features include 1366 x 768 full HD resolution, 60 Hz refresh rate, and LED display technology. However, what makes this smart TV unique is its best visual experience and sound quality provided by this best 40 inches smart TV.

This smart TV comes with an IPS panel letting you experience the best broad screen ever, and its box speaker system delivers you with first-class sound quality that you look forward to especially when gaming and watching movies online. Get ready to surf the internet with its Android Smart operating system and use the 2HDMI, 2USB and 2VGA ports to stay connected and carry out several activities. It is highly responsive, reducing stuttering in motion making it one of the best 40 inch smart TVs available in the market. Moreover, it is very user-friendly and designed for energy efficiency making it save energy and provide up to 280 nits of brightness without straining the eye.

7. Westinghouse 40 inch Roku Full HD LED

Get the best picture quality at an affordable rate with this best 40 inches smart TV! Buy Westinghouse 40 inch Roku LED TV and enjoy 1080p full HD resolution, along with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, providing you with the best streaming experience ever! Its HDMI ports allow you to stay connected and enjoy the digital surround sound that you wish to enjoy when watching web series, TV episodes and movies on screen! Wish to refresh your memories of your trips and picnics with family on this best 40 inches smart TV? Simply use the USB port available to connect that Pen drive or camcorder and replay the videos to watch your happy moments on screen.

The two 5.5 Watts speakers which come with this smart TV let you enjoy the benefits of the DTS Tru Surround technology. Enjoy the visual images of this best 40 inch smart TV with its plasma-like screen which has a viewing angle up to 178 degrees letting you view the screen from any angle you like. What’s more, its smart platform provides you access to various entertainment apps like Hulu, Disney Plus and Netflix, letting you watch your favorite movies and videos. It’s Google Assistant and Alexa app lets you search online and use this smart TV like a computer system!

8. Vizio V405-G9 40-inch 4K 2160p 120hz LED Smart HDR Ultra HDTV

Get quality and appropriate pricing with this best 40 inches smart TV. This smart TV comes with full-array LED backlight which lets you enjoy superior uniform and brilliant visual images. It also comes with WiFi connectivity giving you the fastest, high-quality streaming experience in this smart TV platform. Its Chrome cast built-in lets you enjoy the use of several apps on the screen and discover the menu list of free subscription channels and paid channels on the TV.  When it comes to connectivity you wish to not only use a SMART platform for services but also find gadgets that help you to connect an external drive to your device. Buy this best 40 inch smart TV and get the facility of 3 HDMI connectivity ports along with Ethernet and USD connectivity ports to connect your external drives and camcorders with your smart TV.  Not only this, you get to enjoy smart technology throughout the house.

9. SKYWORTH E20300 40″ INCH 1080P LED A53 Quad-CORE Android

If you are hunting for the best 40 inches smart TV at a price below 300USD, this is the one for you. This 40 inches smart TV comes with 1080p full HD resolution letting you enjoy the perfect, picture and sound quality that you wish from your smart TV. Its infinity A5t3 quad processors let you experience the joys of seamless technology, meaning no more stuttering and breaking of lines on the screen. This is one of the best 40 inches smart TV comes with MIRASHARE and Browser lets you browse the net and enjoy internet services and even connect the same with your Smartphone and tablet. It comes with several streaming apps too such as YouTube, Netflix, Google Play Music, Google Play, and so on, letting you download several apps, as you enjoy not only movies but also games away all time. All of this is available for you at the base price of 264.80 USD. However, if you stay outside the continental US, then you would need to pay an extra 175.07 USD for shipping the product.

10. AXESS TV1703-40 40-Inch 1080p LED HDTV

Have elderly people or some children giving examinations at home, as you wish to hunt and watch the best 40 inches smart TV! If yes, then get this one of the best 40 inch smart TVs in the market. AXESS TV17093 comes with LED technology and 1920 x 1080 HD resolution. This gives you the sleep and high-level quality performance from your smart TV. This 17 pounds smart TV, comes with 3 HDMI connectivity ports letting you connect your external drives to the device, and enjoy the smart technology at home. The built-in speaker system lets you get explicit sound quality and it is a smart TV where technology meets creativity. Using this best 40 inch smart TV lets you enjoy the Noise Reduction mode, which helps you reduce the noise levels and avoid too many decibels and harm to your ears. So get ready to watch movies on this smart TV, as your child sleeps next to you.

11. Proscan PLDED4016A 40-Inch 1080p Full HD LED TV

Get the experience of the best 40 inches smart TV with Proscan PLDED4016A. This smart TV comes with 1080p full HD resolution and 60-hertz refresh rate. This provides you with high-quality visual display. The LED backlight and slim bezel design make sure you get to enjoy the best smart TV experience without that distracting thick bezel design of the TV. Best 40 inch smart TV for avid gamers who can use this television and their broad screen monitor to game away.


1Q. What is a smart TV?

Ans: A smart TV is a regular TV integrated with the internet to provide you with streaming videos and Ethernet services.

2Q. What should I consider when buying a smart TV?

Ans: You should always watch out for the type of screen resolution, high dynamic range (HDR), refresh ratio, contrast ratio, and HDMI along with other connections when buying a smart TV. However, if you have other requirements like Blu ray or noise reduction technology, you can look out for those too.

3Q. Which, in your opinion, is the best 40 inches smart TV?

Ans: In my opinion, eAirtec HD Ready Smart LED TV is the best 40 inches smart TV, followed by Kodak Full HD LED Smart TV 40FHDXSMART PRO since both of these smart TVs are user-friendly, provide great visual and sound quality, have high contrast ratio and are energy efficient in nature.


To sum it up, you need not spend thousands to buy the best 40 inches smart TV. So, shortlist your best 40 inches smart TV and get online or out of the house, to buy the best 40 inches smart TV right now.

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