Audible Free Trial 2020 – Get 30 Days Membership

Have you got enough time to read a book by your most favorite author?  Let me give you a more innovative as well as intuitive recourse; what about listening to audio books? Sounds appealing? Exactly. For starters, Audible is a device developed and marketed by Amazon. Each month you get a credit from Amazon which you can choose to buy books from any of the categories listed in Audible shop. What is more interesting is that Amazon is offering a 30-day trial for new users of audible. Enjoy a book in a more relaxing as well as efficient way.

What Audible is?

As you can tell from the name itself, Audible able you to hear audio books. As stated by the company, Audible has a collection of approximately 200,000 different audio books. It is one of the largest audio book collections in the world.  However, there are various genres available for you to choose your books from, such as education, thriller, podcast, romance or suspense. You can choose your book from technology, romance, historical or fashion or from many more.

Audible Free Trial: Steps & Guide

Audible memberships are genuinely exciting. When you go to sign up for the Audible membership, you get 3 options, which are_

  • Free 30-day trial membership.
  • Re-enrolling, in case the trial has already been used.
  • Enrolling in audible channels only
  • Sign up for romance package

Let’s get to know how to sign up for a free 30-day trial package.

  • Go to Official page if you want to start your free trial.
  • Choose your credit card. You should know that having a credit card is mandatory in order to avail 30-day free trial benefits. This can give you unrestricted access to Audible when the trial period is over.
  • After that, click on “Start your free trial” option. That’s all! You are now a member of Audible.

Audible Subscriptions:

Plan NameGold MonthlyGold AnnualPlatinum MonthlyPlatinum Annual
PriceIt is started at $14.95 monthly. You should note that the price may vary for different products.$149.50 per year$ 22.95 per month$12.95 per month (standalone customers)
$6.95 per month for Kindle Unlimited Members
Credit1 for each month12 credit per year2 per month24 credit per year
Expiration of Credit12 month from the date of credit issuance. You should note that the credits, bought from iOs app never expire.12 months from the issue date.12 month from the date of credit issuance12 month from the date your credit is issued.

You should note that the credits you receive are rolled over every month. 

Free Trial Benefits of Audible:

Get to know about all the features you can avail with Audible free 30-day trial_

  • Unlimited access to thousands of audio guides for various fitness programs and also meditation.
  • You can get audible versions of all important media, such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post.
  • With a free trial, you can also exchange audio books for free.
  • You can get a 30% discount on any additional audio books.
  • You can listen to premium audio books without any interruption (no Advertisement).
  • You should know that the trial can be cancelled anytime to avoid any unnecessary charges

Remember, when the free trial period is over, Audible would charge you $14.95 each month. With this, you can enjoy 2 Audible Originals as well as 1 audio book every month. You also need to know that, if you already have your Amazon Prime membership (at an annual payment of $99), you can enjoy Audible free of cost. This can give you access to almost 50 books.

Audible, undoubtedly offers a whole new level if reading experience. Interestingly, similar to a book, you can enjoy Audible anywhere and anytime. The availability of internet is also not required as it allows you to enjoy your favorite book offline. Audible offers a massive collection for avid readers from almost every possible genre. If you are a bookaholic, this new form of experiencing a book might feel a little awkward; however, you should know that this device definitely deserves a try. The 30-day trial offered by Audible also makes it necessary for everyone to switch to audible.

Pros & Cons Audible:

Following are the Pros and Cons of Audible_


  • Unlimited access to Audible from different devices
  • The ability of both offline and online access
  • You can listen to Audible at any time and from anywhere
  • Option to choose the narration speed
  • Sleep timer feature
  • Massive audio book collection


  • The Audible automatically charges when your 30- day free trial is over.
  • There are also reports of cancellation charges from Audible.


1Q. Is it possible to exchange or return a book?

Ans: If you do not like a book to read, you can easily return the same within 365 days of purchase. You can choose to swap it for a new book or use it as a credit. Feel secure as the exchange policies by Audible is completely risk-free.

2Q. Can I have a free 30- day trial with Amazon Prime account?

Ans: As a new user, you can enjoy a free trial of Audible just by subscribing to the same with Amazon Prime login credentials. You should know that, if your Amazon Prime membership costs $99/year, you can get access to Amazon Audible for free.

3Q. Can I buy extra credits?

Ans: You get a single credit each month from Audible. However, if you intend to buy more audio books, you can choose to buy more credits only if you maintain the following criteria_

  • Your membership is created even before December 2005.
  • You have subscribed to Audible Enterprise Membership.
  • You have subscribed to Audible Escape plan.

4Q. Can I use Audible for multiple devices from the same 30-day trial account?

Ans: Yes. Audible offers multiple device support from the same account.


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