Apple Music Vs Spotify – Detailed Comparison

Confused about choosing recent music Apps?? Both Apple and Spotify Music are in neck to neck competition. Those who are not aware of Apple and Spotify music, let you know that these are two major music players that are initiated in the United States.

Apple Music Vs Spotify Music

A good comparison between apple music and Spotify can be given to help you.

1. Apple Music

Apple Music provides a three months free trial period for its premium services at the cost of $10 or 10 euro or $15 for 6-members family planning options. With this facility, you can enjoy any song from catalog according to your needs and offline songs also. One can enjoy songs from his or her iTunes library with this apple music.  Apple music player streams only 256kbps AAC-files. Apple Music provides a good library option for its tunes and music videos. One can enjoy personal library of tunes or music of android or iPhone with the ease of apple music player. A Maximum 100,000 song can be uploaded by this apple music player. The advantage of matching apple music is also permissible without an apple player at a subscription of $25 per year.

Apple Music has a transparent white look on it’s mobile and navigation facility to access on mobile is very nice with the use of a button placed at the bottom of the interface of this music player. It offers services like music or lyric searching engine. Apple Music with android functions is a good option to control the playback via infotainment system. Apple Music is available on android and IOS. Apple Music with Siri voice control on its home pad is compatible with amazons’ full line of echo-smart-speakers through the Alexa Apps. This music is available on some apple or Amazon devices such as apple watch, apple-tv, and fire-tv.

2. Spotify Music

Spotify music offers a three months free trial for its premium services at the rate of $10, 10 euro or AU12dollars per month. Its subscription fees are $5 and $15 for 6 members’ family planning.. Students can enjoy the extra benefit of access to the Hulu and Showtime option as a part of the subscription. Being free and add supporting services one can enjoy Spotify music without paying a subscription. It’s one feature is that many albums and playlists are required to listen to or change the music listening mode rather than traditional music playing options and a facility of a maximum of six skips per hour is also available in this Spotify music option.

Spotify music uses the Ogg Vorbis method for upgrading its music streaming quality that helps one to choose bitrates to a stream that is handy and helps those who use the maximum level of mobile data. Spotify offers 320Kbps lossless type music which is much better than apple music quality for its premium-users. Use of an equalizer is also permissible to suit music here. Apart from its good library facility with a collection of 30 million songs, its drawback is that Spotify music can be played only in the Spotify music players and can’t be stored in the cloud option.

Spotify music makes the screen black while playing across the application and has an easy navigation facility on mobile. Spotify music has animation and short video options that play full screen at the time of listening to music. Google maps allow listening to and control supports Spotify music playback with the access of interface in IOS and Android. Spotify music users can download a maximum of 50,000 songs offline. Spotify music playlist contains discover weekly and release radar options that are a very popular weekly basis with new songs.

Apple Music Vs Spotify Music: Overview

FeaturesApple musicSpotify music
Family planMaximum 6 members are allowedMaximum 6 members are allowed
Price$10 per month for family or $5 for students$5 per month for a student or $10 per month for family
Free trialFor 3 monthsFor 3 months
Free tierFree tier is allowed and is add-supportedFree tier is not allowed and beats only 1 radio
Music library50 million songs50 million songs

So Spotify music is quite a better option rather than apple music for its features. So, guys, you may choose this music option and enjoy its benefits.

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