Amazon Fire TV Stick vs Apple TV – Who Wins 2020 Battle?

Just when we thought that TVs couldn’t get any better, two of the best companies in the world have come up with something extraordinary. Yes, we are talking about Amazon Fire Stick and Apple TV. No, they aren’t TVs, but with the help of these, you can view amazing bandwidth of content.

Amazon Fire TV Stick vs Apple TV – Comparison

Apart from this, they offer such a variety of features and content that there is an instant liking for these devices. Hence, you need to know about these devices. We are talking about Amazon Fire TV stick and Apple TV. Both of them display some great content from the Internet. Let us know all about them.

Amazon Fire TV Stick:

Amazon Fire TV stick is that streaming media device that you have to plug into a TV and then you can view movies, TV shows, and documentaries. You also have access to apps and games if you want to play multiplayer games with your friends and family. Amazon has come up with something exciting and this Fire TV stick is the one. The user needs a registered prime account and they are good to go.

How to get started with the Fire TV stick?

You just need to follow some steps and then you can soon enjoy some kickass Amazon Prime video content.

  • First, create your account on the Prime video and then connect the power to the Fire Stick.
  • After that, the other end of the Fire Stick should be connected to the HDMI port which will be available on your TV. Now, switch on the TV and select your HDMI option. Then, you will see that the Fire TV stick is now loaded.
  • To operate it, you will get a remote. Power it up by using batteries and then you can follow those instructions.

Without any delay, let us dive into the features of the Amazon Fire Stick:

Latest Features:

Since we have already discussed how Amazon has entered into the entertainment sector, it has now an Amazon Fire TV stick which is a media streaming device with a voice control remote. The Amazon Fire TV stick can understand various languages as well. As for the other features, it looks like a big pen drive. It has some immense support for the Wi-Fi and is packed with a quad-core processor. Here are some more of the most notable features:

  • Huge library of content

With this device, you can browse over so much online content like movies and TV shows like never before. It has over 1000s of movies to choose from and not only movies, but you can also have access to TV shows, music, games, news, and sports. You can also connect this to other online streaming services like Hotstar, Youtube, Gaana, etc.

  • Easy to use

It is quite easy to use. You can see that it works well when the Fire TV stick will come with a pre-registered if you are already a user. You will need to have the Amazon Prime subscription and you can simply connect the Fire TV stick to the internet and get access to amazing content.

  • Ability to restrict usage

It has a few parental controls where you can restrict your kids from watching any mature content. There is tracking of data usage too. So, if you want to save some data, you can simply make a few changes like the video quality of the content. Apart from this, if you have the data control problems, you can set an alert where the Fire TV stick will alert you after you have spent the data limit of the previously set limit.

  • Voice search

It has Alexa voice remote which can understand the users and work on audio search. You can purchase the Amazon Fire Stick 4K if you want to explore more in this area. You can easily see that it is a capable streamer and can get the job done.

Pricing & Plans of Amazon Fire TV Stick:

Amazon Prime account is necessary if you want your Fire TV stick up and running. The TV stick comes with a price tag of $39.99 which is available on the Amazon website. It is quite affordable as compared to cable TV. It has another variant called Fire Stick 4K which costs $49.99 and allows streaming in 4K quality. Additionally, the prime membership account is available on a monthly and yearly basis.

Apple TV:

The Apple TV, a streaming media player made by Apple is like the Fire Stick which will let you browse some great movies, TV shows, apps, games and videos on the TV. This is done with an internet connection on your TV.

How to get started with Apple TV?

You need a TV for setting up Apple TV. Then, you have to just connect it into an HDMI port and then use the remote you get with this device.

Latest Features:

Apple TV works well with 4k Ultra HD and HDR videos too. It comes in two variants: 32 GB and 64 GB but they have the same features. The biggest and baddest version of Apple TV is called the Apple TV 4K. It just takes the content from the internet from sources like Netflix and Prime and displays it on the large screen – TV. There is an older version of Apple TV too which does not support the 4K model but overall they offer similar features.  However, when you are using Apple TV, it doesn’t mean that you will get a subscription to the aforementioned streaming sites. It is just a way of experiencing movies on a bigger screen. You also have this amazing feature of mirroring your screen. Here are some additional features:

  • Voice search

Apple TV has voice control search capabilities- Siri and other functionalities. It has a dedicated app store which a TV app that helps in guiding the search capabilities of different content across multiple services.

  • Advanced remote

You also have a touchpad on the remote which can help in swiping the options, volume buttons, Bluetooth and the motion controller for the compatible games. Apart from just movies and TV shows, it also works well with third party controllers for sophisticated gaming too.

  • Huge content collection

You can watch Apple Originals, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, PBS, and Youtube along with others.

  • Listen to music

You can listen to audio music but not necessarily Apple Music. You do have a Pandora app and other major music streaming services like Spotify. For this, you need to use the AirPlay feature.

  • Play games & Use various apps

You can play games on the TV by downloading them from the App Store. You can use a lot of miscellaneous apps like social media apps, shopping, weather, etc. You can also control your smart home through Apple TV.

  • Mirror your IOS devices

While we mentioned the mirroring the iOS device screen, we meant that with the help of Apple TV, you can mirror your iOS device such as iPad or iPhone if you want to see any content which the Apple TV doesn’t stream. Hence, you can do other stuff like browsing your emails or just scroll through your Instagram feed. Anything you do on your phone screen, it will display on your TV.

Pricing & Plans for Apple TV:

You can purchase the Apple TV from Amazon or directly from Apple. It is available for $199 for 64 GB and $179 for 32 GB. These are the Apple TV 4K models. The older Apple TV is for $149. Apple TV 4K streams videos in HD with Dolby Atmos.

Amazon Fire TV Stick vs Apple TV: Overview

Often when you are comparing two devices offering the same features but are manufactured by different companies, there is a comparison. You get to know its features and pricing and then, at last, reveal the verdict. Now that we know about both Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV stick, here is a small verdict we would like to give.

Apple TV:

The pricing is a problem as you can get Amazon Fire TV at a lesser price. You do not have features like a USB port where you can browse your media on the external drive. While talking about the positives, AirPlay is an amazing feature. Apple TV has better hardware and no one can beat that.

It can easily help to mirror your device easily and is stable too. You can have access to a single sign-on feature that can let you access multiple apps without needing you to sign in every time. The AirPlay feature only works if you have a Mac or iOS device. You can also use Siri to spell the things into the text fields and you can use your voice to sign in. Go for Apple TV only if you are invested in the Apple ecosystem and if you want faster accessibility.

Amazon Fire TV Stick:

The Amazon Fire TV stick has performed very well in matters of performance, usability, and features. It is simply an amazing streamer at that price. You will get affordable hardware than Apple TV. Amazon Fire TV offers some great features and some of them are even better than the Apple TV but this is an economical choice. For instance, the Amazon Fire TV stick remote can be used with AAA batteries and they are better than the Siri remote.


Hence, it is up to you which one you would prefer. If you are thinking economical, then go for Fire TV stick and if you are thinking faster accessibility then Apple TV should be your choice. Either way, both of them are giving some kind of features but one does it less expensively!

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