5 Quick Tips On Relieving Stress

04 / 13 / 18

For many, encountering stressful situations is inevitable in this life. Too much stress for long periods of time can not only psychologically damage a person and alter their outlook on life, but it can also take a toll on one’s physical body. It is how we deal with stress that matters. It is important to find healthy coping mechanisms. Not everyone can relieve stress the same way – some people can run a mile a day and feel better, whereas someone else may just need some quality time alone. How you deal with stress is up to you. Here’s a quick list of stress relievers you can try. 

    1. Physical Activity – Obviously high intenisty workouts are recommended, but you can also try taking a dance class (or blast music and dance alone in your house). Practicing yoga in the park may leave you feeling invigorated. Going for a ride on a beach cruiser alongside your favorite beach can revive your senses. Try roller skating.  Above all, make an effort to get your heart pumping and blood flowing with an activity that is out of your normal routine – change your scenery. 
        1. Meditation – Everyone has heard meditation helps, but you don’t need to practice deep trance like meditations to achieve results. Simple reminders to yourself to relax your shoulders and breathe can be just as good. Throughout the day be mindful of your body. If your shoulders are tense and up to your ears: try to relax, drop your shoulders and breathe. Also, here’s a soothing gif to help your breathing. Remember to always be present, in the now. 
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                1. Arts – Find a craft to take on. Take a chance and try a painting and wine class. Create and design your own pottery. Try photography. Take pictures of your favorite places or try a new place and discover its beauty. Start a passion project. Discover what gives you joy.
                      1. Music – Music is healing. There are proven studies finding music to be therapeutic. It allows you to connect with past memories and can alter your mood. Try listening to feel good music or songs that bring up good, warm memories. Try listening to this soulful playlist, or this playlist with timeless songs or you can always curate a playlist perfect for you! 
                          1. “Treat Yo’ Self” – Go indulge in something you love. This whole list is intended to spark ideas of things that may make you feel good. Get pampered, go buy yourself your favorite treat, watch your favorite movie with a person whose presence you enjoy. Go out and live in the present. The most important part about relieving stress is checking in with yourself to make sure you’re fine from within because only then can one fully tackle the issues that are at hand.

                      The most important part of relieving stress is pinpointing the source of the stress, assessing it and finding healthy ways to rise above. Brainstorm with others if you are having a difficult time – don’t carry the weight alone. 

                    Post by Nichoel Young