4 Tips to increase your child reading and financial literacy by Prince Dykes, MBA AFC

12 / 15 / 18

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” Fredrick Dogulas

The same can be said about reading and finances. Its always better to build great reading skills and financial habits then to repair them. This is exactly what the “Read with Reed 83” program highlighted at the Broncos Boys and Girls Club here in Denver, Co. It was nice to witness reading promoted with a touch of financial literacy. The “Reed with Reed 83” program goal is to encourage kids to exercise their mind, tackle a good book, and touchdown to READ at least 30 minutes a day. The program was founded by NFL Hall of Famer Andre Reed who was a Boys & Gils Club kid.  The program is incentive based and allows the winners to be walk onto the field of a NFL game. The event here in Denver was filled with high energy with music, reading and awards. Also in attendance was Denver Broncos star rookie Wide Receiver Courtland Sutton who spoke to kids to encourage them to read. I was happy to bring financial literacy to this event by giving every kid in attendance a copy of the children financial literacy series “Wesley Learns”. Programs like these help bring awareness to reading and financial literacy. I grew up like the typical kid who didn’t like to read and financial literacy wasn’t even a though. Having NFL legends and stars involved in inner city programs is a great way to invest in the future. As parents we need to seek out community events like these to have our kids attend. Here are 4 Tips to increase your child reading and financial literacy. 

  1. Enroll into programs. Seek out programs and events in your local community that promote reading and financial literacy. 
  2. Become Involved: Involve your kids in your house budget and daily reading plan.  

3. Make Plans: Create a budget and reading plan with your kids. 

4. Incentives: Award your kids for reaching their reading and financial goals. 

Here is an exclusive interview of Andre Reed and I on the “Reed with Read 83” program. 



Prince Dykes, MBA,AFC